Exclusive preview: Paranormal New York explored in Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley explores the hotbed of paranormal activity in the New York region. Pic credit: discovery+

Why are aliens descending on the Hudson Valley? Today Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley is available to stream exclusively on discovery+ and is a chilling modern-day investigation into not just ghostly things but events and sightings that are not of this planet.

The newsfeed is full of stories of officials finally coming clean that they can not explain the sightings that military and credible witnesses are logging in. And people who legitimately follow these unusual sightings note there are strange places that draw paranormal activity across the globe. America has a few of them, including the Hudson Valley.

In the exclusive Monsters & Critics preview clip below, investigator Marc D’Antonio is in the basement investigating while his partners are upstairs in a room when a paranormal encounter happens to them simultaneously. The women each are touched on the backs of their heads while the meters that monitor activity go off like alarms.

UFOs and the US Government finally admitting they are real

In the news are countless articles that show the US government and military conceding there’s something inexplicable visiting the Earth. Yet, they cannot explain the Air Force’s countless sightings, commercial jetliner pilots, or credible eyewitnesses.

Now that the U.S. government can no longer deny the existence of UFOs, eyewitnesses feel emboldened to share their stories, and there’s a renewed hope that we may learn the truth about whether extraterrestrials have visited us.

The latest installment of the popular Shock Docs franchise, Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley, begins streaming on discovery+.

This is an in-depth investigation into this alien epicenter to help residents of the Hudson Valley, New York, find explanations for their unearthly and sometimes violent encounters within their own homes.

Where paranormal reigns

Everyone knows Roswell and Area 51 are rife with paranormal activity. The Skinwalker Ranch stories and the strange area in Utah where normal things go haywire and animals are found mutilated.

But did you know that the Hudson Valley region, just north of New York City, remains the undisputed UFO capital of the world? The official reports tally to nearly 3,000 extraterrestrial encounters over the last decade.

The team leading this new investigation into the region includes Ben Hansen, former FBI profiler and expert in extraterrestrial/paranormal affairs; Melissa Tittl, an investigative journalist breaking news on paranormal science and conspiracies; and Marc D’Antonio, Hudson Valley native and chief photo researcher for MUFON, the top civilian UFO investigative organization in the world.

discovery+ notes that the two-hour special sees this team use a new approach to investigating extraterrestrials by utilizing paranormal equipment and techniques to deliver verifiable results. Their thorough investigation method leads to what discovery+ says are “messages from beyond, chilling first-person accounts and overwhelming video evidence, all indications that may prove we are not alone.”

Why the Hudson Valley?

This is the question, like Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch, is this area of New York somehow energetically a magnet or beacon to forces outside our planet? And what do they want from the residents? This series is the first to address the Hudson Valley phenomenon.

Hudson Valley is also the center of many classic ghost stories like the yarn of Sleepy Hollow and the fated ride of Ichabod Crane. The area is scenic yet appears to have a creepy vibe, whether in fictional stories or real life.

The team’s investigation is anchored by area residents who share their first-hand experiences and describe unbelievable interactions with extraterrestrial forces.

Hansen, Tittl, and D’ Antonio speak with a doubting community leader who finally reveals an untold story of a potential UFO landing; a local haunted homeowner who believes her house has been visited by otherworldly beings for generations and another Hudson Valley resident who recalls alien encounters that mutated his friend and put his family in danger.

“We use a multimodal approach with specialized cameras and technology – much of which was designed for the military – and combine that with techniques commonly utilized in paranormal communication experiments,” said Hansen in a press statement to Monsters & Critics. “Our equipment and the team’s combined expertise really enhance our investigation efforts. We truly hope to bring Hudson Valley residents the answers they’re looking for even though they may not be prepared for what we find.”

“The goal was to communicate with these unknown entities, and we believe we succeeded,” added Tittl. “We became experiencers ourselves. And it was as exciting as it was unnerving.”

This series is produced by Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht, and Greg Spring of MAK Pictures. For discovery+, the executive producer is Christine Shuler.

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley is streaming now August 16 on discovery+

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