Exclusive preview for Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine back, new season set in Montana

Turin heads to the abandoned mines of Montana in season 3 of Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines Pic credit: Discovery.
Turin heads to the abandoned mines of Montana in season 3 of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mines Pic credit: Discovery.

What could possibly make Gold Rush Fridays on Discovery any more gold-rushier? More Gold Rush news, of course!

Today it was announced that Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mines is coming back for a sophomore season, and we are here for it.

In the new season, Dave will explore the history of Montana’s old abandoned and failing mines and will also prospect the land to figure out which mine could see him win big concerning the gold left on the proverbial table.

The search will culminate with Dave picking one abandoned Montana mine that he can turn into rediscovered riches. Diehard fans of the series know that often gold is missed and left behind in the massive pay dirt and wash plant processing.

Last year, the veteran gold miner Turin proved there is still gold in America’s abandoned mines. This season, Dave is turning it up a notch, expanding his hunt for an even bigger payday in the historic lost mines of the former gold rush country, Montana.

But will his big gamble pay off and net gold? Or will Dave and his team waste their investment and go bust?

Discovery’s hit multi-platform series Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mines is back for its second season on Friday, February 21, at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery. Viewers will also be able to watch a mid-form series about the show on the Discovery GO app.

Of the new season, Discovery notes:

“With more than 3,500 abandoned mines in the Treasure State, Dave believes one of them could be a jackpot in gold. But finding it will require him to uncover the history and decode the land like never before. The stakes couldn’t be any higher as Dave and his team go up against the clock in a search for gold before the winter freezes the land out completely. If that wasn’t difficult enough, Dave has set a gold target of 400 ounces this year ($600,000 at today’s price) with his crew entrusting his ability to find gold by becoming partners with him.”

Dave Turin, aka “Dozer Dave,” has a long and interesting background with the Gold Rush franchise, beginning as a member of the Todd Hoffman Crew. Hoffman is no longer part of the core cast of Gold Rush.

During the first season of the Gold Rush series, Turin occasionally appeared to help Todd Hoffman fix the Hoffmans’ mining fails at the Jim Nail Placer Mine.

During the second season, Turin was hired as a full-time miner with the Hoffman crew at the Quartz Creek Claim. By the eighth season, he left the series.

Through the course of his appearances on the series, many people across the country contacted Dave to help regenerate their non-producing mines.

He knew the ins and outs of the mining business but, as a savvy businessman, knew of the chances and the opportunity to hit the gold motherlode.

As Discovery Channel’s first franchise multi-platform series, the mid-form series will chronicle Dave’s search and will air on the DiscoveryGO platform, which is free to viewers with their cable subscription.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine returns for its second season on Friday, February 21 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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