Exclusive: Julie cannot face intimacy with husband on TLC’s Skin Tight

Still from Skin Tight
Julie’s four pregnancies and morbid obesity are behind her, but her skin sagging is bothering her

Imagine not feeling attractive enough to have the love of your life embrace you, or even want to hold you?

This hellish life is what Skin Tight’s Season 2 premiere reveals as we meet Julie, a 39-year-old married mother of four, who has done the hard work and lost weight, but her reward? Excessive unsightly skin.

So much so that she can lift it all over her body, and this hanging skin has decimated her confidence and created a rift in her marriage.

Despite her husband’s reassurance that he adores her and the achievement of losing over 150-lb, Julie feels unlovable, undesirable and cannot rest easy inside her own body.

Julie’s husband wants her to lay in bed with him, but she wants him to go to sleep and leave her alone

Julie is still ashamed and has turned to My 600-Lb Life star Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and other top doctors from across the country for the final step to try and get a normal shape back.

Skin Tight addresses massive weight loss and the aftermath, and returns with ten one-hour episodes each documenting the lives of two individuals who have shed hundreds of pounds.

The series is a staggering reveal, a look at how doctors trim and shape skin back to contours, even with elasticity compromised, performing true plastic surgery miracles.

The 20 people featured have lost a total of 4,962-lb. On top of the normal episode run, TLC will roll out three one-hour specials where producers revisit the people from the series to see how their weight has held steady and how they view themselves post-surgery.

The process of skin removal is tricky. Often times there are complications and severe cases need multiple procedures. The results are so shocking that patients sometimes need counseling to readjust to their new physique.

Tonight we will also meet Andrew, 31, who dropped 300-lb. He did it the hard way, with diet and exercise, but his excess skin is keeping him from his dream: A natural bodybuilding competition.

Our exclusive clip shows Julie, who dropped her 150-lb via gastric bypass surgery. She became morbidly obese after having four kids, now wants to feel romantic towards her husband again and not cringe when her kids touch her skin.

Can she be remade and reborn with skin surgery? Something tells us there will be a happy ending here…

Skin Tight Season two premieres tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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