Exclusive: Jensen tries to jump JJ Da Boss and Ziptie on Street Outlaws: Memphis

Start of race on Street Outlaws: Memphis
Jensen’s Corvette and, right, JJ Da Boss in Ziptie before the race on Street Outlaws: Memphis

It’s all about strategy and getting one-up on your opponent on tonight’s Street Outlaws: Memphis, as JJ Da Boss races with his prized rig Ziptie against opponent Eric Jensen in a souped-up Corvette.

There’s $2,000 on the line as Jensen introduces himself, saying: “My name is Eric. I Drive a ’69 Vette 327 with nitrous…here to race.”.

Jensen then agrees to some less-than-ethical advice as he’s told to “jump” JJ when his wife Tricia Day aka “Midget” drops her arms to start the race.

But JJ is no stranger to the hustle, and in Memphis a “chase is a race” — meaning if someone starts before time and the other person chases then the race is still on.

JJ Da Boss, Tricia Day
JJ gives wife Midget (Tricia Day) his plan of action for the race with Jensen
Eric Jensen
Jensen gets some less than on-the-level advice on how to get the one-up

It’s not exactly kosher, but JJ had the same strategy as his very calling card when he was coming up in the street racing scene.

According to JJ’s bio on his website: “One of his [JJ’s] famous things of doing was leaving on 2 when he was supposed to be leaving on 3 to get a jump, because back in the old days they would count 1,2,3 and then drop their hands to start the race.”

Read our interview with JJ Da Boss here!

As the men get ready to race on what JJ describes as a road that’s “a little sketchy”, Midget and Precious “Queen of the Streets” Cooper are given the lowdown.

JJ asks Midget to “flag” and “bump us in”, and reveals this is his first time back in Ziptie since his accident last summer.

“Show ’em who da boss baby!” says Midget as JJ revs Ziptie — but who will win?

Street Outlaws: Memphis airs Monday at 10/9c on Discovery.

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