Exclusive interview: Michael Solomon discusses comedy and his role in Boo, Bitch

Michael Solomon
Monsters and Critics exclusively interview Michael Solomon. Pic credit: Monsters and Critics

The new comedy series Boo, Bitch is coming to Netflix this weekend, and Monsters and Critics met with actor Michael Solomon over video ahead of the release date.

Boo, Bitch boasts a grand slam cast, including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star Lana Condor, Ozark’s Madison Thompson, Zoe Margaret Colletti from Fear the Walking Dead, and more.

The story follows Erika Vu (Lana Condor), an outcast high school student who decides to have some fun and take some risks before high school ends but ends up losing her life. She returns as a ghost and begins pondering her ghostly prowess to become eternally famous in her death. However, there may be some speed bumps along the way.

Michael Solomon talks about filming Boo, Bitch

For some casts, filming while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic can be a difficult task. For Michael, the cast of Boo, Bitch was able to come together well with very few struggles.

Regarding the cast, he revealed, “We lucked out when it came to … how we all connected, so then by the time they called action for the first time, we just had so much trust in each other that we could just literally do whatever.”

He added that filming was “thankfully a lot easier than people would expect.”

Michael Solomon on playing Jake M. in Boo, Bitch

Michael plays the role of high school student Jake M., who just wants to finish high school without any drama.

The drama is hard to avoid after Erika returns as a ghost, and Jake C. is definitely into her.

When asked about his role, Michael revealed, “I like to compare him to Sharpay from High School Musical honestly. … Jake C is the lead Jake, who’s the lead love interest. Jake M., who’s my Jake, is the one who’s like, ‘Stop, they’re crazy, stay away, focus!’ because he’s really fixated on the fact like, ‘Dude, we’re so close to graduating, please just focus on that, let’s just have some fun.’ You know, he gets so stressed. I literally call him the Sharpay of the group.”

Although he’s a side character, Michael is confident that he will be a loved character by many and that people will find Jake M. to be highly relatable.

Michael Solomon reveals his defining ‘High School Musical’ moment

Michael considers comedy to be a passion of his, though there was a defining moment when he started to get into acting and stage work.

“The day I decided to take acting seriously, once again, going back to High School Musical … I pulled a Troy Bolton. I snuck away from track practice and auditioned for a show.”

Although Michael referenced High School Musical a few times, he credits the series New Girl for piquing his interest in comedy.

To hear more about Boo, Bitch, and Michael’s Troy Bolton moment, check out the interview below.

Michael’s Instagram page can be found here.

Boo, Bitch premieres Friday, July 8 on Netflix.

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