Exclusive interview: Luke Dimyan on playing the controversial role of Judas in The Chosen

The Chosen actor Luke Dimyan photo
Luke Dimyan plays the role of Judas Iscariot in The Chosen series. Pic credit: The Chosen/YouTube

You’ve seen Luke Dimyan in shows such as Better Things and the Viaplay original streaming series Home Invasion, but he might have just taken on his most memorable role to date.

In his latest project, Luke bravely tackles the controversial Bible figure Judas Iscariot — yes, the one who betrayed Jesus — in the hit faith-based series, The Chosen.

Born and raised in Torrance, California, in a very close-knit family, the actor has seemingly been preparing for this role his entire life, thanks to his Coptic-Orthodox upbringing.

The Bible was one of the first books and stories he delved into, so he was more than equipped with historical and biblical knowledge years prior.

Monsters and Critics had an insightful chat with Luke about filming the show and what he wants viewers to take away from his character.

Meanwhile, it will be some time before international viewers can watch Season 4 when Judas’ character starts to take a turn.

Streaming options have been put on hold due to financial and legal issues, but Season 4 will be shown in theatres Easter weekend for those in Canada and the U.S.

Luke Dimyan had no hesitation about playing the role of Judas

During our chat with the actor, he explained why there was no hesitation to portray the polarizing Judas.

“No! Mostly because I feel like these are the most interesting roles to play,” confessed Luke. “As an actor, I look for these roles, I fight and I hope for these roles because these are the roles that can really challenge you and help make you stand out as a performer.”

“I appreciate and I relish the challenge,” he added.

As for how playing Judas Iscariot has challenged the actor, he noted that it happened in “more subtle ways that I realize.”

So far, we’ve only been getting short snippets of Judas weaved into the storyline as it builds up to the monumental moment of his betrayal.

“Judas is much more of a supporting character so his screen time and his scenes are very like set…singular,” said Luke.

“So it has been very interesting to take those singular moments and find that depth…to make him unique. To make him not just that one-dimensional character.”

Here’s what you should take away from Judas Iscariot’s story

Judas is one of the most hated bible figures in history, as his infamous kiss on the cheek ultimately led to Jesus’ death.

However, there’s something very important that Luke wants viewers to take away from Judas’ life.

“I hope people realize that he’s not a villain but that he is a tragedy. He is a broken, sad story of failure…that failure is a reflection of what we can be…what any of us are capable of.”

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 4 hits theatres on March 28.

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