Exclusive: Hallmark’s Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6 – Mick and Olivia seek their happily ever after

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett. Pic credit: Crown Media/ David Astorga

While it has taken Mick and Olivia many years to walk down the aisle, the sixth installment of Hallmark’s much-loved Wedding March franchise promises to deliver in a big way. Despite some twists and turns along the way.

Mick (Jack Wagner) and Olivia (Josie Bissett) may have let love slip away when he went on the road to pursue his music career, but this time not even a celebrity movie star and his down-to-earth fiancée can upend their own nuptials.

All of these missteps. drama and romance take place at their charming Willow Lake Inn, where they have hosted glorious weddings for many years.

While planning for the ever-changing wedding of Curt (Nathan Witte) and Autumn (Caitlin Stryker), to accommodate their very different lifestyles, Mick gets a touring opportunity that puts their plans in turmoil.

It looks like they will have to postpone their own trip to the altar…unless maybe they can pull off the wedding of their dreams and have their long-awaited fairy-tale ending.

The original movie, Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6, premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, August 14, at 9 p.m.

Wagner and Bissett, who are close friends and stay in touch when they are not working together, exclusively told Monsters & Critics why the Wedding March movies are near and dear to their hearts, their love for working with Hallmark, about their longtime friendship, life lessons from the pandemic, and why we all need a little TLC right now.

Monsters & Critics: Jack, why were you attracted to this series of movies with your good friend Josie Bissett?

Jack Wagner: This came out of when I started on When Calls the Heart. This project was a book and an executive producer approached me about pitching it. It was about a couple in college and he’s a singer/songwriter and it’s 20-25 years later when she’s getting married at the wedding lodge and when they finally see each other again, it’s a “drop the platter moment.” What this is about is the journey of Mick and Olivia and how we keep it interesting for an audience.

M&C: Who is your character, Mick? How have you related to him over the years?

Jack Wagner: I created this character off of my own life. I was a pop star in the 80s, so I can relate to what he’s been through; the highs and lows, and where he is now, which is more settled. I have dealt with these issues. He wants things to happen on his own terms and on his own time. He wants to be married and move forward. The comedy is his frustration in trying to control everything.

M&C: You knew Josie from Melrose Place before this franchise?

Jack Wagner: Yes, we were on Melrose Place for seven years, but we didn’t have many storylines together. These movies were a reawakening of who we are now. The chemistry and us being able to collaborate on scenes came from our friendship, which continued to grow deeper over time.

M&C: What did work on General Hospital teach you?

Jack Wagner: It taught me how to exercise the muscle of memorization and how to make a scene work without a lot of acting notes in a short time.

M&C: Why is Hallmark a good fit for you?

Jack Wagner: I like the message of the Hallmark Channel. My audience is this demographic. People like to feel good, and as an entertainer, it’s a real challenge to make my work more interesting, funny, and romantic. It’s all about how I raise the bar no matter what project I am on.

M&C: Where was this movie filmed?

Jack Wagner: Just outside of Vancouver where the wedding lodge is located.

M&C: Have you ever helped someone the way Mick and Olivia do for the young couple in the movie by putting themselves second?

Jack Wagner:  Yes, but the work I do, I take on anonymously. That’s a big part of my life.

Nathan Witte and Caitlin Stryker Pic credit. Hallmark/David Astorga

M&C: What life lessons did you gain from COVID-19?

Jack Wagner: Covid gave us an opportunity to check in on ourselves. I learned that we have the ability to manifest our own happiness and happiness is an inside job.

M&C: Please talk about your When Calls the Heart fans – also known as The Hearties.

Jack Wagner: They are a strong group, and their loyalty and how much they love the show speaks to the temperature in the country and in our show. It is a family-friendly, feel-good show that carries that message.

Yes, I have fans who followed me from General Hospital and Melrose Place. Much of my demographic is female, and I feel that we have all grown up together. When people believe and love the characters, they really invest in them. They really relate to the struggles, comedy, and romance of this.

M&C: Do you believe in the themes of your movie about the importance of second chances? And of not having regrets?

Jack Wagner: Sure. This movie speaks to romance. It speaks to hope. That part in all of us. If you look at people who have taken falls in their career and came back it is all because they have had second chances. They have gotten this to work after several falls and it is important for us to have someone and something to root for.

M&C: Are you enjoying your participation in golf tournaments? What do the charitable tournaments mean to you?

Jack Wagner: Yes. I have played the Lake Tahoe tournament recently as I have for 32 years and it airs on NBC. It’s a form of competition that I love. I finished fifth in Lake Tahoe, it gives me something to work toward. I’ve played tournament golf at a high level and on television; it’s not playing with the guys. That’s the real test of being able to handle the moment.

M&C: Why should my readers watch this movie?

Jack Wagner: It will put a smile on your face and also maybe a tear in your eye, to honor this couple and this journey and where it has led them.

M&C: Josie, what initially attracted you to this franchise and the role of Olivia?

Jack Wagner Pic. credit. Hallmark/:David Astorga

Josie Bissett: Jack brought this movie to me and I absolutely loved the idea of the franchise, working with Jack and Hallmark.

M&C: Why does Hallmark hold such a special place in your heart?

Josie Bissett: All of the movies I have done for the Wedding March, which started six years ago, have been filmed in Canada, a two-hour drive from me. The scenery always felt like home. I loved working there. The Canadian people are just so wonderful and with every Hallmark show, I have left with one or two lifetime friends.

M&C: One of the themes is second chances, how do you feel about this?

Josie Bissett:  I think in general second chances in life are so important. I try to teach my kids to always give someone the benefit of doubt. That doesn’t mean how the situation will always be. I live pretty open-mindedly and I am always willing to give someone a second chance

M&C: What do you love about this movie?

Josie Bissett: When we started, Jack and I didn’t know one another very well. We had worked together once on Melrose Place, but mostly our characters never crossed paths. But there was a built-in trust. We knew the same people, and we had a similar take on life.

There was familiarity and trust. So, the opportunity to play Olivia for all these movies and develop such a great relationship with Jack. I loved playing in a romantic comedy. It was the first time in years that I played a light-hearted character, and I really enjoy playing a character like that and working on scripts like that. I hope to do more of it in the future.

M&C: One of my favorite parts of this movie is the montage where we get to see the evolution of Olivia and Mick’s relationship.

Josie Bissett: I agree. It was so sweet. I was laughing about it with Jack. Guys are so disciplined and consistent, and there I am through the years; I changed my hair, decided to wear a wig, grow my hair, gained a little weight, and then lost it. So, I had a laugh about how consistent he stays during the montage. But that’s the beauty of being a woman and changing things up.

M&C: What did you learn during the COVID-19 difficulties of the past year and a half?

Josie Bissett:  There has been a lot of change. I have had both of my kids home from college; which was an absolute blessing. It’s going to be so hard to part with them again. I am so happy that I got to have them both home, we moved houses, and we all got COVID.

So, with all of these changes in my life, I Learned that everything will work out and be okay; but it will never be perfect. As an actress, we were all in the same boat. Wedding March was supposed to film a year before. The script was approved and then the pandemic stopped us. So I learned to be patient and to be grateful.

Josie Bissett
Josie Bissett Pic. credit: Hallmark/ David Astorga

M&C: What’s next for you?

Josie Bissett: I just finished working on a new Fantasy Island. This is a really great time in my life right now. When I had my kids I moved out of L.A. and to Seattle. All of my cousins live there and I wanted to raise my children there. So, I decided not to take a series regular role so I could be home with them. Now both of my children are grown and heading back to college, so it’s my time to go back to a series.

M&C: Why should my readers watch this movie?

Josie Bissett: If they have watched the other Wedding Marches, they know about Mick and Olivia, and the growth that those characters go through. There is also a great storyline with Curt and Autumn. It’s a beautiful Hallmark movie and a great message that the difficulties and obstacles of life that these characters overcome.

Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6 premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, August 14, at 9 p.m. ET

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