Exclusive: Dakota Fred and son Dustin clash above raging river on Gold Rush: White Water

Fred Hurt and son Dustin on Gold Rush: White Water
It’s “do or die” time as “Dakota” Fred Hurt and son Dustin have it out on Gold Rush: White Water

Tonight on Gold Rush: White Water, tensions are insanely high as “Dakota” Fred Hurt and son Dustin are at loggerheads over the maneuvering of a dredge over a swath of icy rapids.

A snag on Fred’s safety rope is tipping the dredge, and if the ferocious current catches it, their mining season will be over.

In our exclusive clip, Dustin is barking orders. Fred has asked Carlos to get another blue rope line to secure the dredge being pushed over the raging creek, but as Dustin watches their efforts, and especially that of Fred’s technique, he becomes more and more enraged at their methodology.

The problem appears to be a total lack of communication as Dustin doesn’t realize Fred is trying to lift the piece of equipment.

He yells at his father: “You’re making a mess….you’re not even lined up yet! Oh please, you’re gonna f****** kill me!”

Dustin Hurt on Gold Rush: White Water
Fred has his methods but his actions enrage Dustin, who sees it differently

Fred tries to calm Dustin down. Dustin then apologizes for cursing… and through a conversation, they finally figure out how to agree on advancing the dredge across the narrow wooden slats over the water. It all looks precarious!

The drama will continue to unfold tonight as the three men work together frantically to get this very expensive piece of equipment where it needs to be to start underwater dredging in the plunge pools and crannies of the remote river and streams of Alaska.

Read our interview with Dakota Fred here!

The goal is to suck up gold flecks and cornflake sized bits which can be recovered in the glacial silt. But will their father-son relationship last through this arduous task of extreme gold mining?

Watch tonight to find out if Dustin is correct or “Dakota” Fred’s experience is the advice worth taking:

Gold Rush: White Water airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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