Transexual wedding on Extreme Love tonight

Misty on vacation.
A photo of Misty, who appears on WE’s Extreme Love. Pic Credit: Misty/WE

This week’s episode of WE’s Extreme Love features Florida couple John and Misty, who met via an online dating site. However, John had plenty to learn about his new found love beyond her dating profile.

In the clip John recounts the time he discovered that BBW meant Big Beautiful Woman and TS meant Transexual.

John being interviewed on WE's Extreme Love.
John explains that he had a lot to learn when he first met Misty. Pic Credit: WE

He tells us he did second take when he heard, but seems to have embraced what is an unconventional relationship.

Misty is a performer, who has a very popular drag act that she tours all over America. In fact she has become something of a minor celebrity and now makes her living through the act.

She tells us “I went to my first gay bar and I saw a drag queen performing on stage and that’s the first time I ever realised that gender was not extremely binary. “

Misty goes on to explain that it was not until years later that she realised that beyond just being a drag queen, this was to be her way of life.

The pair are so smitten that they have decided to get married and make it official, but do their families approve?

This episode also features a man who loves car both mentally and physically, the mind boggles!

Plus Sister Wives have a new arrival to deal with.

Extreme Love – Sister Wives; Car Enthusiast airs at 10:00 p.m. on WE.

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