Exclusive clip: Science Channel’s World’s Most Epic reveals the U212A Stealth Submarine

On tonight’s premiere episode of World’s Most Epic on Science Channel, you will meet a crafty German invention.

A submarine nearly silent, and that radiates virtually no heat and is constructed mostly from fiberglass and plastic to evade radar detection.

On World’s Most Epic you meet the U212A, an ultra-advanced non-nuclear sub developed by German naval shipyard Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft, and now in possession of Italy and other EU countries who have upped their naval game.

The juice to power it is from a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell that lets it cruise up to 8000 nautical miles uninterrupted without giving off exhaust heat.

This state-of-the-art sub is virtually undetectable.

The fuel cell doesn’t require oxygen to operate allowing it to stay submerged weeks at a time.

The 212A has goodies too! It comes fully loaded and armed with 12 wire-guided torpedoes, each capable of destroying big ticket iytems like aircraft carriers.

Some of the specs for this amazing submarine invented in Germany

This sub requires a small crew.

The new series starts tonight and features “bold and brilliant vehicles” that drive us forward.

“Science Channel’s engineering slate shines a spotlight on the incredible science and technological innovation that produces these remarkable, often mind-blowing feats that support our everyday lives and advancements we take for granted,” said Lindsey Foster Blumberg, Supervising Producer, Science Channel in a press statement.

This sub is virtually undetectable…until its too late!

World’s Most Epic uncovers the inner workings of “airplanes, tanks, ships, cars, trains, and more. They are remarkably powerful and have all had a profound impact on land, water, and air transport.”

Each episode will focus on “flying giants, to ships unmatched for their cutting-edge technology, to monster tanks, muscular mega cars, and amazing trains.”

They explore the history and lore of the Bugatti Chiron; the Pilatus Railway that manages to climb grades of over 40 percent; the CV90, the most modern and versatile infantry fighting tank in the world, and the world’s most exclusive business jet that can be booked for $700,000 per hour.

World’s Most Epic airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET/PT on Science Channel

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