Exclusive clip of Sexy Star Vs. Mariposa on El Rey’s Lucha Underground

Sexy Star Lucha Underground
Sexy Star eyes up Mariposa in Lucha Underground

On the next Lucha Underground on El Rey, fan faves The Mack takes on Johnny Mundo in what is described as “the most intense battle yet” with the winner deciding on every detail of the Championship Match in the newest episode on Wednesday night.

Also on this episode, Paul London and the Rabbit Tribe face off with Kobra Moon and her Reptiles.

But the top ticket for us is the exclusive clip we received from El Rey which shows the rematch from last spring’s No Más Match between Sexy Star and Mariposa. Sexy Star’s real name is Dulce Maria García Rivas.

The two fierce Mexican Luchadoras enmascaradas battle it out again on Lucha Underground. But the breaking news is this is Sexy Star’s last battle behind a mask. That girl is going to boxing!

Sexy Star pummels her opponent
Sexy Star pummels her opponent

Inside pulse’s Kate Hartford reveals: “Luchadora and former AAA Reina de Reina Champion Sexy Star is leaving professional wrestling to pursue a career in boxing.”  Hartford also writes that Lucha Underground has lost one of their fan-favorite luchadoras for good.

Will Sexy Star prevail in what appears to be her swan song in the Mexican wrestling ring? Or are some dirty tricks in order?

The clip below reveals these Luchadoras go for the pigtails and ponytails to take down their opponent. Que horrible!

Lucha Underground airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on El Rey Network.

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