Exclusive clip: Dillon’s condescending ways with Amy exposed on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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Amy is done with condescending Dillon on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

On tonight’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars the couples take part in an exercise to try and get to the bottom of what causes problems in their relationships.

All the couples have their Achilles heel, and for reality stars Amy Duggar and Dillon King it’s the way they communicate.

The pair had only been wed for seven months before they entered the boot camp, and their utter lack of respect for each other is evident.

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In our exclusive clip the pair snipe at each other over all sorts of silly things like feeding the cats and banking — and the way Dillon speaks down to Amy is called into question.

The footage shows them taking part in the exercise where they try to establish blame by smashing plates adorned with words representing problems in their relationship.

And pride goes out the window when faced with a jury of their peers.

In the clip Dr. Ish accuses Dillon of talking to Amy “like she’s a child”, while Dr. V adds: “He hasn’t understood that this problem is affecting their relationship since day one!”

In the boxing ring where this experiment takes place, Dylan breaks a plate bearing the word “communication” and says he’s “open to working on it”.

Meanwhile, the other couples weigh in.

Premadonna, sitting with her man Buck Thomas from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta says: “Dylan, the way you treat her is a direct reflection of your communication problems.”

Meanwhile Mob Wives star Renee Graziano and boyfriend Joey Gambino say: “Just because she missed the bank one day is not that big of a freakin’ deal!”

The couples all seem to feel that Dylan speaks very condescendingly towards Amy. Joe adds: “She’s got those devil eyes!”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars — “Let Them Eat Pie” — airs tonight, Friday, February 3, on WEtv at 9pm ET/PT.

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