Exclusive clip: Anna tells Brody she still loves him on Too Close To Home

Anna tells Brody her true feelings in tonight's Too Close To Home
Anna tells Brody her true feelings in this week’s Too Close To Home

Ah, sweet regret. Tomorrow you hopeless romantics are going to get an ear and eyeful of it, as the main character of TLC and Tyler Perry’s Too Close To Home, Anna (Danielle Savre) reveals to Brody (Brock O’Hurn) how much she regrets leaving her “Happy” place. She even busts out the “L” word on him.

This smoldering nighttime drama is well ensconced in Season 2, and fans can look forward to seeing Anna’s high school sweetheart Brody — her hometown of Happy, Alabama’s most eligible bachelor — featured prominently in tomorrow’s episode.

In our exclusive clip, the two former lovers are dangerously close to recapturing their teenage year’s heat as they have a steamy heart-to-heart over an old tractor that just won’t start.

Too Close to Home is the story of how Annie Belle “Anna” Hayes had to leave her life in Washington D.C. behind after a scandal implicating her alleged involvement with the president emerged.

In Season 2, Anna is trying to retro-fit her life back in Alabama, a much more difficult task than she expected. Mainly because of the complicated feelings she had buried away for the town hottie, Brody. He once was all hers, until she left for the big city.

Complicating matters in Happy for Anna are her vexing mother, Jolene (Trisha Stahl) and her rival for Brody, sister Bonnie (Kelly Sullivan) not to mention her ethically challenged drug-addicted sister, Shelby (Brooke Anne Smith).

With drug-addicted sisters comes drugs, crime, and more drama in this once simple small town.

Our exclusive clip shows how Anna has been drawn back into Brody’s masculine orbit as the two are working on an old tractor and Brody is very…accommodating in his mechanically gifted magical touch.

Last week, sister Bonnie shut down Brody and rebuffed his desire to be with her. Now Anna is caught up in Brody’s potent sexual tractor beam and she is being super direct in this special exclusive clip.

As the two are bent over an old tractor engine, Anna is visibly frustrated.

Brody does something to the engine and says: “Here, try it…”

Like a genie he makes the tractor start.

Advising her, he says: “Here, now turn it off.” Big deep soulful gaze into Anna’s eyes.

Then it’s the understatement of the year, as he says: “I still got it.”

“Yeah of course you do, thank you,” a blushing Anna says.

Brody totally acts like he did nothing at all and it was child’s play, saying: “What did I do?”

“Um. You always make me feel safe, you know, protected,” Anna says as she starts to give him THAT look.

Brody is trying to keep it together. He says: “You know this is a long way from DC, this town will go quiet soon, you can go back to normal.”

At this point, Brody is kind of cocking his head and looking very Brodylicious as Anna loses all sense of decorum. She says: “Why didn’t you make love to me last night?”

“I told you,” Brody says.

Anna says: “No, you didn’t!”

Brody is tired of being whipsawed between two sisters’ affections. “You know, you Hayes [Bonnie and Anna] girls have done a real number on me. I just need some time to figure some things out, alright?”

Now, Anna wears her heart on her sleeve. She says: “You know, I wish I never left here. Me and you could have stayed together, gotten three acres. I’d have been a teacher at that school, you would’ve been a vet. Why did I ever leave here?”

Brody is shocked at her sudden feelings epiphany. He says: “This town got too small for you…”

Now Anna wants him, badly. She says: “Do you think we can still have that?”

“We’re grown-ups now,” Brody says, shutting her down.

Then it’s the big reveal, as Anna says: “I still love you.”

Brody is trying to keep her at bay, and says: “Don’t say that.”

What is going to happen next? Watch tomorrow and let’s chat next week…

TLC’s Too Close to Home airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. 

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