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Exclusive: Autumn lost over 300 pounds and is surgically reshaped on Skin Tight

On tonight’s Skin Tight episode, Autumn Estes recounts her path from being a 5’4″ 400+ pound woman who as she describes was, “as wide as I was tall” to slim down to 155 pounds…but she is left with unsightly excess skin.

“The extra skin is a cruel joke,” she says. “I’m still not happy with myself.” She was a secret eater and would cap off a proper dinner with a trip to a fast food restaurant for yet another meal. She says: “I was an emotional eater…anything fried I just loved it.”

Autumn wants the loose skin to be gone

Autumn Estes made some bad decisions, mostly by becoming a teenage mother before she knew who she was or was able to support herself. Her choice of a baby daddy too was a bad one, as he split from the picture leaving her to raise her son on her own.

Her teen pregnancy made matters worse and she decided to eat for two, regretting the decision after her son was born. She was over 300 pounds by that time and says of her pregnancy: “I gained 120 pounds.”

Autumn before and after her dramatic weight loss

The weight piled on and at 400+ pounds, Autumn finally had enough.

Imagine you go to the fair with your child, and the carnival operator grimaces and shakes his head “no” when you want to ride with your child!

She decided to have the weight loss surgery and was thrilled when the weight came off. Finally, she could live a life of activities and keep up with her son.

Watch tonight as the excess skin that is crippling her self-esteem and making her feel like a bad mother is taken care of by surgery.

Skin Tight airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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