Excess skin tears couple apart after incredible weight-loss on Skin Tight

Brenda talks to the camera on Skin Tight and, right, her excess skin
Slimmed-down Brenda talks to the camera on Skin Tight and, right, her excess skin

On tonight’s Skin Tight, two lovely people both motivated to lose amazing amounts of weight now have so much shame over their excess skin that their marriage is being torn apart.

Meet school teacher Brenda, who hit 429-lb and knew she had to do something.

Facing the daunting life-and-death reality of morbid obesity, she opted for gastric bypass surgery with her equally overweight husband Carl.

Post-surgery and slimmer, Carl and Brenda each learned sensible portion control and have incorporated exercise into their routines successfully to become thinner people. Fantastic, right?

Brenda at her heaviest, weighing in at 429-lb, and after her amazing weight-loss
Brenda at her heaviest, left, weighing in at 429-lb, and after her amazing weight-loss
Carl's before and after pic. He also suffers from excess skin
Carl’s before and after pics — but he also struggles from excess skin

No. The devil is in the detail of the extreme weight loss which happens rapidly after gastric surgery.

Now at a normalized 174-lb, Brenda’s natural beauty shines and she looks amazing…until her clothing is removed.

Her skin hangs loosely all over like a woman closer to 90 years old.

Brenda thinks her skin makes her look far beyond her years and hates it
Brenda thinks her skin makes her look far beyond her years

Meanwhile, her husband Carl has lost nearly 200-lb and is also experiencing unsightly loose skin.

The result? Neither wants to be intimate with the other and the marriage has come to an impasse.

The clip below shows Carl packing his things and heading out the door.

Brenda also painstakingly describes to the camera how she triumphed on her weight-loss journey before her loose skin created a whole new nightmare.

The couple accomplished a major milestone with their weight loss, but the result is not a magical fix.

They are both dealing with low self-esteem and their combined insecurities are sadly leading them both to divorce.

Yet it appears in the clip that Carl isn’t ready to throw in the towel as he loves Brenda very much and does not appear to want the split.

Carl talks about his and Brenda's marriage and his own body issues
Carl talks about his and Brenda’s marriage and his own body issues

Brenda needs a complete body lift, the removal of all the hanging skin, so she can finally feel good about herself and give Carl and her marriage a fighting chance. Hopefully, they can salvage their union.

Also on tonight’s show, we hear from Mellisa, whose loose skin from weight-loss is impeding her role as a parent.

Her motivation to shed the pounds was spurred on after she got stuck in a slide at the local park in front of her neighbors. That humiliation lead her to bypass surgery.

After losing the weight, Mellisa wound up divorcing her husband who was no longer attracted to her because she was slim. She is now raising her two daughters and wants to sing professionally.

But her hanging skin is a “roadblock”, with the unsightly battle scars of obesity almost as defeating as the weight.

Will Brenda and Mellisa overcome this devastating souvenir of weight loss?

Both were motivated to lose weight to feel more confident and comfortable in their skin.

But to trade one disappointment for a new problem?

Will their lives be transformed by skin surgery?

Skin Tight airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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