Ex on the Beach spoilers: Will Paulie Calafiore claim Lexi before Cris woos her?

Cris and Lexi on Ex on the Beach
Will Cris be able to steal Lexi away from Paulie on Ex on the Beach?

Last week on MTV’s Ex on the Beach, Paulie Calafiore’s ex-girlfriend crashed the party. As soon as the former Big Brother star’s ex joined the cast, she started flirting with the DJ.

As Lexi and Cris Pearson get closer, it’s looking like she might change her plan up. Initially, Lexi joined the show hoping that Paulie would “claim” her. Now is she hoping for something or someone else?

Even though they were broken up when she arrived, Paulie doesn’t like it when Lexi and Cris start spending time together. In Ex on the Beach spoilers we learn that Paulie and Lexi spent some time together in the Shack of Secrets. While there, the former couple started to reconnect but that was cut short when Cris came along.

Paulie gets upset when Lexi ends up spending too much time chatting it up with his Ex on the Beach co-star, eventually telling Lexi that he was “going to bed alone.”

In the sneak peek, we see that Paulie continues to argue with Lexi, exaggerating how long he’d been waiting for her to end her conversation with Cris so they could go to bed together. Paulie’s little meltdown may end up working against him and sending Lexi straight into Cris’s arms.

Was Lexi leading Cris on?

Paulie accused Lexi of leading Cris on by spending so much time with him. She says they were bonding over a mutual love of video games, specifically on Xbox. From the way things are sounding, the pair has even more in common than that.

Ultimately, Paulie still voted to keep Lexi at the Cut or Crush Ceremony. He cast a crush vote, essentially claiming her like he wanted. However, with Cris in the picture, Paulie’s relationship with Lexi may truly be over as she starts spending her time and attention on someone else.

Who do you like better for Lexi on Ex on the Beach? Should she reconnect with Paulie Calafiore or move on with the DJ Cris Pearson?

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