Evidence of Menehune, Hawaii’s ‘Littlefoot’ people, on Finding Bigfoot?

Finding Bigfoot thermal image
Does this thermal image from Finding Bigfoot show evidence of the Menehune?

The Finding Bigfoot team this week capture footage of what could be one of Hawaii’s ‘Littlefoot’ people — the Menehune.

The Menehune are a long-rumoured people said to live deep in the islands’ jungles, measuring around 3ft tall.

The Finding Bigfoot team — Cliff Barackman, James “Bobo” Fay, Matt Moneymaker and Ranae Holland — head deep into Hawaii’s interior mountains to investigate them.

Using their expertise of traditional Bigfooting techniques along with modern technology like thermal imaging cameras they split up across Hawaii’s various islands in the hunt for evidence of the little people.

They meet locals who claim to have seen evidence of the Menehune, including one woman who tells the team: “I know that it’s not a myth any more.”

An artists' impression showing the size of a Menehune male
An artists’ impression showing the size of a Menehune male

And using the thermal cameras they spot what they believe could actually be one of the “little people”.

Rumors of the Menehune stretch far back into Hawaiian mythology. They are said to live as far away from humans as possible, in the islands’ hidden valleys and thick jungles.

It’s thought they eat mainly bananas — know as mai’a — and fish, and are believed to have lived on the islands long before Polynesians moved there — probably from the Marquesas Islands — around 300 CE.

Some of the temples they are said to have built still exist today.

Watch the clip below for a sneak peak of what the Finding Bigfoot team discovered…

Tonight’s two-hour Finding Bigfoot special, Hawaii’s Little Foot, airs at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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