Evidence of ‘Forgotten Railroad’ found on The Curse of Civil War Gold

Kevin Dykstra in light aircraft on The Curse for Civil War Gold
Kevin Dykstra, in a light aircraft, searches for evidence of the “Forgotten Railroad” on The Curse of Civil War Gold

Treasure-hunter Kevin Dykstra and his team find evidence of a possible “Forgotten Railroad” on tonight’s second episode of new History series The Curse of Civil War Gold.

The group try to find the old train line in a bid to help prove to The Curse of Oak Island star and businessman Marty Lagina that Dykstra’s theory about $2million of Confederate gold lying at the bottom of Lake Michigan is true.

If they can find the old railroad, it would help support Dystra’s argument about how the gold, worth $140million in today’s money, was transported up to Michigan from Georgia.

Last week’s premiere of The Curse of Civil War Gold saw the team head to Abbeville, Georgia, where Dykstra believes the gold was looted from Confederate president Jefferson Davis during his capture by Union troops in 1865.

Dykstra believes it was then hidden by members of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry including Lieut. Col. Benjamin D. Pritchard, before they later retrieved it and transported it up to Michigan using the railroad.

It’s thought much of the money was then laundered in Michigan, before some of it ended up being pushed off a car ferry in a boxcar while being transported across the lake.

Dykstra and his team are attempting to prove his theory is based in fact in a bid to get Marty Lagina to fund their search for the gold, including a more powerful sonar to scan a huge area of Lake Michigan.

The description for Episode 2 of The Curse of Civil War Gold, titled Right on Track, reads: “Evidence of a possible forgotten railroad energizes Kevin and his team as the pressure builds to convince Marty Lagina to join their quest in the recovery Civil War gold.”

The episode airs after The Curse of Oak Island’s Season 5 ‘Drilling Down’ special at 8/7c — in which what is believed to be an “original searcher shaft” is revealed — and a Forged in Fire ‘Rookies Edition’ episode at 9/8c.

Watch the trailer below!

The Curse of Civil War Gold airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on History.

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