Eva Bourne as Clara Stanton on When Calls the Heart

Eva Bourne as Clara Stanton on When Calls the Heart
Eva Bourne from When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: Instagram/@realevabourne

Clara Stanton is a quiet young woman living in Hope Valley, but that hasn’t stopped her from winning the hearts of fans in her time on the show.

Eva Bourne acts as Clara Stanton on When Calls the Heart, but that’s not all that Eva Bourne is known for. The actress has spent a lot of time pursuing her career as an actress.

Eva Bourne’s acting career

According to IMDb, Eva Bourne grew up in the town of Creston, located in the East Kootenays of British Columbia. Bourne grew up with parents who encouraged her to pursue her creative passions.

Unlike many other stars, Eva Bourne did not start acting until she was an adult. After high school, Bourne had plans to become a dental assistant, but dentistry wasn’t her passion. She took a risk and moved to Vancouver to study acting instead.

Luckily for Bourne, it wasn’t long before she booked her first role. She first starred on USA Network’s Psych, and after that, the opportunities kept coming her way.

After Psych, Bourne had roles with many other network shows, including ones on The CW, CTV, and TNT. She had recurring roles in several shows, the most popular being ABC’s Once Upon A Time where she starred as Princess Eva.

Eva Bourne has worked with many popular Hollywood celebrities already, including Owen Wilson and Juliette Binoche. With a resume this impressive, it’s no wonder she fills the role of Clara Stanton perfectly.

Clara Stanton’s history in Hope Valley

Clara Stanton came to Hope Valley in somewhat unfortunate circumstances. In season two of When Calls the Heart, it is revealed that Peter Stanton, Abigail Stanton’s deceased son, had gotten married only days prior to his death.

Abigail learns of Peter and Clara’s marriage while taking the Pacific Mining Company to trial. Of course, being the motherly person that Abigail is, Abigail tells Clara she can move back to Hope Valley and live with her.

Although Clara accepts the offer, Bill Avery and Abigail later have to find Clara and help her leave her employer before she can peacefully move to Hope Valley.

It doesn’t take long for Clara to feel at home in Hope Valley, first working in Abigail’s Cafe and then later leaving to work in Dottie Ramsey’s dress shop.

Clara even finds love again with Jesse Flynn. Although her past is unfortunate, Clara Stanton finds peace in Hope Valley.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 9/8c on the Hallmark Channel.

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