Eustace struggles with injury on Mountain Men

Eustace faces up to injury in Mountain Men
Let’s hope Eustace’s injury is not too serious in Mountain Men

Tonight on Mountain Men – Eustace has to face up to his injury and Marty gets hit in the pocket.

Eustace is struggling to come to terms with his injury after the fall off the ladder, but let’s hope it is not as bad as it looked.

Meantime, Marty’s snowmobile gives up the ghost. He says: “The machine broke down, its unfixable. I don’t know what the next step is.”

“Maybe I should just quit.”

Morgan is try to rescue some of his traps and Tom’s trapping season is not looking good.

This week History also released this cool little clip of Morgan giving a tour of his cabin and setup out in the sticks of Alaska.

His property has a stunning location but that beauty hides some of the harsh realities of living in such a remote and harsh environment.

He explains how firms were not too keen on going that far out to install solar so he brought it all in on horseback.

Morgen on Mountain Men
Morgan’s cabin has a lean-to but they have struggled to put up more buildings

For his cabin they pulled in dead logs and used full dovetail to lock them together and then milled them square with a couple of different chainsaw mills.

The cabin does not have much in the way of windows, partly for heat but also because bears like to use them to get in.

For electricity they have solar panels, a generator and also a bank of car batteries to store power. It’s a pretty sweet setup.

The biggest problem is just getting materials, whether that is shipping them in or finding them nearby. So for instance even a humble plank can take an hour of work by the time you find the tree, remove the limbs and mill it.

Mountain Men follows a group of hardy individuals who live in remote areas from Alaska to Montana. What they share is a determination to live on their own terms with nature, reconnecting with a past we all share.

Catch Mountain Men Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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