Euphoria Season 3 is happening despite numerous delays — Will the core cast return?

Maude Apatow on Euphoria
Maude Apatow appears in Euphoria. Pic credit: HBO

Despite countless delays, HBO still plans to assemble the Euphoria cast for Season 3.

Euphoria Season 2 concluded in February 2022, but the follow-up chapter has yet to be filmed.

Now, HBO CEO and chairman Casey Bloys is opening up about the teen drama’s future.

In a new interview with Variety, the exec confirmed that the “same core cast” will return for Euphoria Season 3.

Bloys also confirmed the rumors that the series would move on from East Highland by the time the show returns, meaning that high school will be over.

“One of the issues I think that Sam is thinking about is that he doesn’t want to have it in high school anymore,” Bloys shared with Variety.

Euphoria Season 3 will bring back the original stars

“That’s where it was set and what made sense then. So when you take it out of that, there’s a lot of back and forth about where to set it and how far in the future to set it and all that stuff,” he said.

“But I think he’s got a take that he’s excited about, and he’s busy writing.”

The cast of Euphoria Season 2 included Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Nika King, Eric Dane, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow, Javon Walton, Dominic Fike, Storm Reid, and Austin Abrams.

Ferreira confirmed she was walking away from the megahit after two seasons in 2022 amid a rumored rift with series creator Sam Levinson.

Cloud passed away in July 2023.

Zendaya was already a big name before starring in the series, but Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, and Sydney Sweeney’s careers exploded overnight, and the trio are racking up an impressive list of credits.

Euphoria Season 3 will be very different

Euphoria Season 2 ended in a relatively good place for all of its characters, so a flash-forward will give the show a reset of sorts.

The big question is whether fans will still be interested in watching the show after such a lengthy hiatus.

Some shows can be off the air for years and still flourish, but viewers may have moved on to new shows when a show returns from hiatus.

HBO may order some special episodes to bridge the gap between seasons. A similar tactic was used with two bonus episodes during the long wait between the first two seasons.

Euphoria Season 3 is currently targeting a 2025 premiere alongside fellow delayed HBO series The Last of Us and The White Lotus.

Euphoria is currently on hiatus. Season 3 is expected to premiere in 2025. Stream Seasons 1-2 on Max.

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