Erin Kristich on Dance Moms: Who is Savannah Kristich’s mom?

Erin Kristich
Erin Kristich. Pic credit: Lifetime

If you watch Dance Moms, you’ll know that last night, Savannah left the team after her mother was up in arms that her daughter would have to compete against Eliana Walmsley.

We all have some idea of who Savannah is, though her appearance on the show was brief, but who is her mother, Erin Kristich?

Unfortunately, not much is known about Erin Kristich. We know she resides in the Las Vegas area with her daughter, Savannah. She also has a private Instagram page, which states that she “loves her kiddos,” but there is no real mention of anything else in her life, aside from the fact that she used to be a first grade teacher.

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We know that the beef between Savannah and Eliana (or at least their mothers) stems from the fact that both girls competed in the category of Mini Female Best Dancer at The Dance Awards. Savannah was runner-up to Eliana’s win, which made some of the moms theorize that this is why the pair fled once Eliana was back on the scene.

Erin runs a Facebook and Instagram page for her daughter, Savannah, but there is nothing about Erin on either of them.

For being a Dance Mom, Erin has kept a pretty low profile, so perhaps that’s why she wanted to stray so far from the spotlight? At this moment, we’re not sure if Erin and Savannah are coming back.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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