Erik Stocklin on Lucifer: Who is actor playing Julian McCaffrey?

Erik Stocklin plays Julian McCaffrey in Lucifer Season 4
Erik Stocklin plays Julian McCaffrey in Lucifer Season 4. Pic credit: Netflix

Erik Stocklin plays Julian McCaffrey in Lucifer Season 4, Episode 6, titled Orgy Pants to Work, and Episode 7, titled Devil Is as Devil Does.

Julian McCaffrey is the debauched son of the shipping magnate Jacob Tiering and late Willow McCaffrey, the founder of Willow’s Glenn. Julian inherited the Glenn from his mother and he is suspected of involvement in the death of Gary.

If you’ve binge-watched Lucifer Season 4, including the two episodes in which Stocklin’s character Julian McCaffrey appears, you may have been wondering who the actor Eric Stocklin is and in which TV shows or movies you have seen him before.

To answer your questions, here is everything you need to know.

Who is Erik Stocklin?

Erik Stocklin was born in September 1982 in Freehold, New Jersey. He graduated from  Southern Connecticut State University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in theater. His first TV series role was a recurring role as Greg in First Day (2010).

If you’ve been wondering where you have seen Erik Stocklin before, then it could be on Criminal Minds where he plays Brian Philips, a man who is suffering from dissociative identity order. In Criminal Minds Season 12, Episode 1, titled The Crimson King, Brian Phillips is kidnapped by the proxy killer, hacker and stalker Peter Lewis (aka Mr. Scratch), played by Bodhi Elfman.

You may also have seen him in Haters Back Off! where he starred as Patrick opposite Colleen Ballinger and Angela Kinsey (2016-2017).

He played minor roles in several TV shows, including Krog (2010). He guest starred as Stevie in The Vampire Diaries (2011) and as Noah Gummersall in Bones (2014), and John Hinckley Jr. in Timeless (2018).

He also played a recurring role as Sam Grey in Mistresses (2013) and Perry Whitley in Stalker (2014-2015).

His feature film credits include Donner Pass (2011) in which he played Thomas and The Bad Guys (2018) in which he played Noah.

Stocklin began dating his Haters Back Off! co-star Colleen Ballinger in 2018, and they got married the same year. Stocklin and Ballinger welcomed their son, Flynn, in December 2018.

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