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Erica Wall’s incredible transformation on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?

Former My 600-lb Life star Erica Wall is dating online. And on this week’s Where Are They Now? spin-off episode of the TLC show, it is revealed how her weight loss journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Once upon a time, Erica’s father once called her “Godzilla.” In her first episode of My 600-lb Life, we also learned that Erica lost her beloved mother in a horrific accident.

Now, Erica is flirting with dating and has a conversation online with a man from her past, Jimmy — who last saw her when she was 250-lb, before she gained her weight.

She nervously tells him on a Skype call how since she last saw him her weight ballooned to over 650-lb, but that she has now dropped over 300 pounds following gastric bypass surgery.

Erica tells producers: “I was feeling more confident and brave and doing what my therapist Dianna has taught me to do — getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“So I went for it, I messaged him and he responded within 45 minutes and we have been inseparable on the phone texting talking every day all day all night.”

Erica tells Jimmy that her weight struggle has left her with lymphedema issues and hanging loose skin. But despite all her apprehension and fears, Jimmy seems happy to be speaking with her after all these years and keen to reconnect.

Erica in the hospital with sister Molly, before undergoing gastric bypass surgery

Erica’s initial introduction on TLC was a heartbreaking journey from morbid obesity to some success after her operation. The path of Erica’s ultra high weight is unbelievably sad.

Her highest weight of 661-lb was thanks to overindulging in home-cooked fried chicken and other calorific foods that put her at 200 pounds before she was even a teenager.

She was body shamed by everyone including her father.

On the previous My 600-lb Life, Erica remembered his awful remarks, saying: “He would say some really hurtful things. He always said, ‘What happened to my beautiful little girl? She went to sleep one night, and she woke up Godzilla.'”

Erica Wall
Erica during her conversation with Jimmy, a man from her past, who appears to be interested in her

Then at 16 years old and tipping the scales at 300-lb, her father made her get her stomach stapled.

Later that year she was raped, which caused more unhealthy eating. Within five years, her staples were no longer in place.

As an adult, Erica’s mother was in critical condition after a car accident, but Erica was so big she could not get to the hospital to say goodbye before her mum died. The guilt piled on more pounds.

Now, Erica has really made headway in losing the weight as she talks about meeting Jimmy.

The episode also sees her return to California from Houston, but will her cluttered apartment and lack of structure in her life see her return to binge eating? She needs to continue to lose weight so she can undergo skin surgery.

But if she can overcome all the obstacles, and her tragic past, will she be able to find the ultimate prize — true love?

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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