Eric Chien on America’s Got Talent: Is he the best magician in AGT history?

Eric Chien On AGT
Eric Chien performed magic on America’s Got Talent Season 14 premiere. Pic credit: NBC

Eric Chien appeared on America’s Got Talent tonight to see if he is not only the best magician on the internet but the best one to appear on AGT in a long time. Did he live up to the buzz and expectations?

During the season premiere, Chien performed what could almost be called an impossible card trick. It had to be a good one, as Shin Lim showed the AGT audience last season how good close-up magic could be on the stage.

A 26-year-old magician from Houston, Texas, Chien had an impressive stage presence from the minute he walked out in front of the new AGT judges and the audience at home.

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The full video of his introduction and performance is shared below, and it is worth watching for anyone who enjoys America’s Got Talent or loves seeing magic played out live.

OMG! Eric Chien Could Be The Best Magician On The Internet And AGT! - America's Got Talent 2019

Eric Chien impresses AGT judges

At the beginning of his performance, Chien spoke about how he had only been doing on-stage magic for a few months. The judges asked about making magic on the AGT stage, and he stated that he saw what Shin Lim could do last year.

During the performance, there were constant gasps from the in-studio audience. Alternating between changing the colors of the cards from red to blue, Chien was also making cards disappear as he delt them out. That was all before he started turning the cards into coins.

Eric Chien performed some outstanding magic and ended up getting a standing ovation from the judges and the in-house audience.

It was amazing, and Julianne Hough said it best in that he doesn’t need to compare himself to anyone else. Simon Cowell said it was “on a different level.”

The AGT judges unanimously put Eric Chien to the next round, which followed Cowell stating he was “one of the best we’ve ever had.”

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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