Emergence on ABC: Is this show like Stranger Things?

Emergence is a new ABC show. Pic credit: ABC

Emergence is a brand new show that will air on ABC this fall. The trailer was shared during tonight’s part one of the final two-part episodes of The Bachelorette and was introduced by Chris Harrison. Emergence premieres Tuesday, September 24 on ABC.

The trailer documents a police officer’s journey to a crash site, where she finds a young girl. The young girl doesn’t have anywhere to go and no parents in sight, so the officer brings her home.

When a couple shows up to claim her as their daughter, the officer doesn’t believe them. That’s when they kidnap her and she chases after the couple.

That’s when the car carrying the girl and the couple flip over. Suddenly, the girl is in the officer’s backseat. In other words, this is a story of a young girl with special powers and a police officer as an authority figure in her life.

Given the recent release of Stranger Things Season 3, many viewers felt that there were many similarities to Stranger Things.

In fact, the mysterious girl with telekinetic powers reminded some viewers of Eleven and the role model reminded people of officer Hopper.

While this may not have been the reaction that ABC had hoped for, it’s hard to ignore the similarities. However, this particular story could really go anywhere and it could end up being very different from Stranger Things.

One thing that does stand out that’s different is the setting. Emergence appears to be in current times, where Stranger Things is set in the ’80s.

Another clue that this is different is the whole concept of “emergence” — the emergence of something new, something scary, and something curious.

Plus, who are the two people who wanted to get the little girl? Are they indeed her parents or are they two people who wanted to hurt her? ABC’s premiere of Emergence may answer none or all of these questions.

Emergence premieres Tuesday, September 24 on ABC.

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