Elementary Season 7: Has show been canceled or renewed for 2019?

Elementary has been renewed for a seventh season. Pic credit: CBS

Elementary, the hit show from CBS, is returning for Season 7 during 2019.

The news was actually released by CBS back in May while the sixth season was underway. Elementary got another season alongside Criminal Minds, two of the networks biggest series in the genre of scripted crime shows.

The program follows Sherlock Holmes in modern day New York. In Elementary, Holmes is a recovering drug addict who worked as a former consultant to Scotland Yard. He teams up with Dr. Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, as they work together to solve crimes around New York City.

Throughout seasons one through five, the show ran between September/October to May. However, during the show’s sixth season, which ended last night, the show ran during the summer months and had a 21-episode season compared to the former 24-episode seasons.

It’s uncertain what CBS will decide to do with scheduling for Season 7, but it’s likely to return in the summer again. IMDb has listed four episodes for the seventh season so far.

One of the reasons why Elementary could continue to see renewals is the consistency of the ratings. While the first episode of season six was the highest with 4.7 million viewers, the rest of the season stayed steady at around 3.1 to 4 million viewers.

Fans can expect to see Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui return as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson for the seventh season, but nothing has been announced as to who could potentially join the cast.

Elementary Season 7 is expected to return in 2019 on CBS.

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