Elementary season 6 finale makes Watson a murder suspect

Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson during Elementary Season 6 finale
Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson during Elementary Season 6 finale – Pic credit: CBS

The Elementary season 6 finale airs tonight on CBS and it’s an important episode for the show. Not just because it is the Season 6 finale, but because there was good news about Season 7. The show has been picked up for at least one more year by the network, so this won’t serve as a series finale.

During the first part of the two-episode finale on September 10, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson were faced with the return of a serial killer to New York City. As Holmes was dealing with one facet of the case, the killer appeared in their home, where on Joan was at the time.

Elementary season finale trailer

Called Whatever Remains, However Impossible, the episode covers a murder investigation that centers on character Michael (played by Desmond Harrington). Could this be the end of the Holmes and Watson partnership?

Elementary not canceled

Fans had been worried that CBS might not bring the show back after Season 5. A short-season was ordered for Season 6, but after a strong debut, a full-season order was placed for summer 2018. As a report by Deadline shared, the renewal for Elementary Season 7 soon followed.

An Elementary Season 7 premiere date has not yet been revealed, but it is rumored that the show could stick to its successful summer schedule. This means it might be a while until the new episodes make it to CBS, but they are already filming the season. That’s great news for the future of the program.

Elementary follows the character of Sherlock Holmes, but with a twist in the story. Jonny Lee Miller plays Holmes, while Lucy Liu does a great job in the part of Dr. Joan Watson. The duo has done really well at paying tribute to the original Sir Author Conan Doyle tales while updating it for a new television audience.

The show also co-stars Aidan Quinn as Captain Thomas Gregson and Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell. At times, award-winning actor John Noble appears as the father of Sherlock Holmes.

Elementary airs at 10/9c on CBS each Monday night

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