Eddie Murphy returns as SNL host: See his monologue and classic characters including Gumby, Buckwheat, Mister Robinson

eddie murphy returned for the december 21 snl episode
Eddie Murphy in the role of Buckwheat on Saturday Night Live. Pic credit: Saturday Night Live YouTube

On the final episode of 2019, Saturday Night Live alumnus Eddie Murphy made his return to host, bringing back many of his well-known SNL characters with him.

That included all-time favorites Mister Robinson, Buckwheat, and of course, Gumby. Murphy also assembled quite a bit of talent on stage for his monologue in a humorous and memorable episode of the show.

Murphy’s monologue features fellow SNL alum, stars

Eddie Murphy’s monologue brought the surprises for sure. After joking that he never imagined he’d become the stay-at-home dad with many kids to deal with while Bill Cosby is behind bars, Murphy brought out his first special guest.

Former SNL cast member Tracy Morgan came out to ask if Eddie got his sketch and was all good to go. Murphy brushed it aside and not long after, another special guest arrived as Chris Rock hit the stage.

After another pitched sketch joke, fans were surprised as another former SNL host, Dave Chapelle came out. To complete the group, current SNL cast member Keenan Thompson arrived out to stand on stage with his fellow comedy stars.

Chapelle was never an official cast member but hosted the show back in 2016 with A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guest. Meanwhile, Thompson has been part of SNL since 2003 and got to share the stage with the four comedic veterans as one should expect.

Tracy Morgan left the show in 2003 after a seven-year run. Morgan took to his Twitter to post a photo of the fabulous five on stage together and called it “one of the best nights” of his life.

Morgan also paid respects to the three other men on stage for their contributions to Saturday Night Live and comedy in general.

Murphy brings laughs with Mister Robinson, Buckwheat, Gumby

While Eddie Murphy appeared in a number of sketches, longtime fans were most appreciative of the returning characters from his SNL days.

It started off with none other than Mister Robinson, a spoof of Mister Rogers. Murphy brought the laughs as he chased off neighbors for questioning him about a missing TV and then had a DNA situation to deal with. It was a great return to form as Mister Robinson dealt with the modern world.

A spoof of the popular The Masked Singer show was also part of Murphy’s return.

All four of the celebrity judges immediately knew it was none other than Buckwheat dressed in the corn costume. The Wookin’ Pa Nub singer serenaded the judges and viewers with several different songs, all of which features the changed lines that only Buckwheat can nail.

The show wouldn’t be complete without Murphy appearing as Gumby. They saved that spot for the Weekend Update crew as a cigar-wielding Gumby let everyone know just who he is.

Alec Baldwin, who appeared on Saturday Night Live in his popular President Trump role, retweeted about the Gumby sketch. Baldwin called it a treat to be on the same show with the former cast member.

Murphy would also reprise his role of Velvet Jones as a contestant on Black Jeopardy.

Jones did his best to provide answers to every question but also had a book to sell everyone on. Keenan Thompson played off Murphy well as the game show host in another sketch which incorporated a classic character into more modern times.

Other sketches included Murphy as part of a troubled holiday bake-off and as an elf warning everyone of impending doom. Eddie himself lost it a few times, but won’t be faulted for any of the slip-ups or laughter, as he gave the fans another incredible episode of SNL.

In addition to Murphy, the latest episode also brought back former cast members Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, and Fred Armisen as well as Larry David. Lizzo rocked the crowd with several of her biggest hits in what made for a memorable close to the year for the sketch comedy show.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday evenings on NBC at 11:30/10:30c.

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