Duck Dynasty: Willie looks HILARIOUS in cycling kit as Reed replaces Jase

Willie — who Si dubs "Vance Armstrong" — in his slightly too tight cycling kit on tonight's Duck Dynasty
Willie — who Si dubs “Vance Armstrong” — in his too-tight cycling kit on Duck Dynasty tonight

On Duck Dynasty tonight, Reed stands in for his dad Jase at Duck Commander — and not everyone seems overly upset about it.

A preview clip shows the guys debating whether it’s better having Jase or Reed around, with Reed filling in to get some extra cash in his pockets.

If you can get past the hilarity of seeing CEO Willie in his cycling get-up, watch as they guys have a quick vote much to Willie’s befuddlement that they’d rather KEEP Reed than have Jase back.

Si reveals the long and the short of it, saying: “Without the exception of Willie’s horrendous outfit he had on, today’s been great. Why, you ask? I’ll let you know. Reed replaced that idiot Jase.

“Reed is like a breath of fresh air, compared to Jase’s dreary demeanor. If you look up ‘EMO redneck’ in the dictionary, there would be Jase’s face, I’m telling you.

“When Jase is here, Willie always gets mad at me. But hey, with Reed here, Willie’s mad at Jase for not being here.”

When Willie admits that Reed does make good duck calls and that he “isn’t nearly as annoying” as his dad, Si takes that as a greenlight to hold a snap vote on the situation, saying: “Yup, I vote Reed is in.”

The other guys quickly agree, but Willie has to put his foot down saying: “Hold on, you don’t get to vote on who gets to work here!”

Si — who dubs Willie “Vance Armstrong” and tells him to “pipe down” — jokes: “What you talkin’ about? This is America, son!”

By that point Willie has had enough and walks out — but only after praising Reed’s duck calls, and telling the others they need to be “more like him”.

The guys are quick to point out to Reed that he needs to “pump the brakes a little bit” and not too hard as it makes them look bad, telling him: “It’s a marathon not a sprint”

He then relaxes while putting his feet on the table, saying: “Here, how’s this”.

That seems to have them contented, as they say: “You’re going to fit right in.”

In Duck Dynasty’s first episode tonight, titled Whole Lotta Bull, the guys head to a rodeo camp and Willie and Kay have to meet the owners of her dog’s new “girlfriend”.

The second episode sees the Jase and Reed job-swap, while Korie is forced into his exercise regime — hence the cycling kit — by Korie, who also puts him on a vegetarian diet.

New episodes of Duck Dynasty air Wednesdays at 9/8c and 9:30/8:30c on A&E.

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