Drug use and sexual behaviour as first five enter Fulton County Jail on 60 Days In: Atlanta

60 Days In: Atlanta drug use is rife, with this prisoner snorting coke
Drug use is rife with nearly every prisoner taking them on 60 Days In: Atlanta

This week on 60 Days In: Atlanta, things start to heat up as the first five undercover volunteers are sent into Fulton County Jail.

Colonel Mark Adger is keen to find workable solution to the very real problems of drug smuggling, violence and drug use with his jail. His plan is to send in 17 volunteers and then hear what they have to say at the end of 60 days.

A man receives medical treatment at the jail
Violence is never far away

In this second epsiode the first group head in and find a jail that is rife with drugs, violence and sexual behaviour.

Treated like animals say some inmates
Some inmates claim they are treated like

They also discover just how little interest some of the guards take in the illegal activity taking place right under their noses and often right up the noses of the inmates.

Catch 60 Days In – Truth or Dare at 9 PM on A&E.

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