Drone Racing League inaugural race in Miami features intense first person view racing

Drone Racing League
Drone Racing League takes to the air tonight with Race 1: Miami Lights

This is the inaugural race for the Drone Racing League (DRL), which will see the world’s best drone pilots battle it out to be crowned champion.

The drone pilots must compete in five races around the country in order to qualify for the final. They then face-off in the World Championship race where anyone can win.

Drone Racing League
The drones are brightly colored and the courses consist of more than just twists and turns

For the next race they will head to an abandoned complex in Los Angeles where they will race over the 40-acre site at speeds of up to 80 mph. Later races include New York City and Ohio.

The pilots use quad-compter drones that can go up to 120 mph. These are operated via First Person View (FPV) goggles, with the images coming from onboard camera.

Drones are built in-house
Drones are built in-house and each is tested before a race to ensure pilots are on an equal footing, it is all about the skill

So it quite a game-like experience and very intense for the pilots.

Check out the clip for a 101 and visit the official site for more info.

Catch the Drone Racing League Race 1: Miami Lights at 10 PM on ESPN2.

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