Drew Barrymore puts shirtless Carl Radke in hot seat after Lindsay Hubbard split for Valentine’s Day fun

Drew Barrymore on her talk show and Carl Radke on WWHL
Drew has some fun with Carl ahead of Summer House Season 8 premiere. Pic credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Youtube/Bravo

Drew Barrymore knows how to have fun with her guests on her talk show, and she did just that with Summer House star Carl Radke.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Drew pulled out all the stops to give her audience a good time and a little eye candy, too.

On today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the host had Summer House stars Carl and his pal Kyle Cooke stand shirtless on pedestals.

Yes, that’s right, the two men were dressed in nothing but boxer shorts with hearts on them.

Carl and Kyle spun around on the moving pedestals while Drew put them in the hot seat.

The host especially wanted some tea from Carl amid his post-Lindsay Hubbard single era.

Drew Barrymore puts shirtless Carl Radke in the hot seat after Lindsay Hubbard split

In true Drew fashion, she kept things light because it is Valentine’s Day, after all, when spouting off questions to the guys. Drew kicked things off by double-checking that Carl was newly single.

“Yes, about five, six months now,” Carl replied, with Drew asking him how that was going so far.

What she really wanted to know was if he preferred to be single or in a relationship.

“I am learning how to navigate being single. I think for right now, it’s the best thing for me,” he expressed. “But I do want to get married and have a family at some point, but I think trying to heal and kind of take care of myself and focus on my career and my family.”

Carl also mentioned taking care of his friend Kyle as his pedestal turned to face Kyle at that moment. Drew gave Carl props for being smart and focusing on himself first before getting back into a relationship.

The host commented on Carl having self-awareness before moving on to Kyle, who got one much easier question asking what he wouldn’t do in front of a camera. Summer House fans know the answer to that is: Kyle will basically do anything when the cameras are rolling.

Summer House Season 8 to feature Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard split

Last summer, Carl called off his wedding to Lindsay just weeks before it was scheduled to take place in Mexico. Summer House cameras caught the break-up, much to the shock of Lindsay.

However, that means Season 8 of Summer House will answer some burning questions fans have about the split.

Much like with Vanderpump Rules Season 10 and Scandoval, the juicy information about Lindsay and Carl’s split won’t happen until the end of the season.

In fact, more answers will probably be given at the Summer House Season 8 reunion than during the season. Nonetheless, watching the build-up to Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s break-up should make for some entertaining television on the hit Bravo show.

Will you be tuning in to Summer House Season 8?

Summer House Season 8 premieres on Thursday, February 22, at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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2 months ago

I may be the only one that feels this way but Lindsay is toxic in every relationship we have seen her in. I think that Carl really tried and loved her but she is never wrong and seems really selfish. I’m sure it will play out and I may change my opinion but I doubt it.