Drama as cat Mr. Weasley collapses during filming on My Cat From Hell

Mr. Weasly the cat collapsed on the floor in footage from My Cat From Hell
Mr. Weasley after his sudden collapse during filming of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy experiences one of his most tense ever moments on tonight’s episode of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell — when a cat he’s playing with suddenly collapses during filming.

Mr. Weasley the Himalayan Persian and his owner Karen feature on the show as she tries to get help dealing with his hyperactive nature.

But as the cameras are rolling and Jackson is showing Karen some proper playing techniques, Mr. Weasley suddenly collapses on the floor.

Jackson urgently tells producers: “Let’s get this cat to a vet, like now.”

There are tense moments for Jackson, Karen and the rest of the crew as they then rush Mr. Weasley to a nearby animal hospital so they can look over him.

They wait nervously for news before the vets inform them that they have found nothing obviously wrong. However, they then send away his x-rays and scans to a radiologist to look over.

Watch the drama unfold in the clip below…

Also on this week’s episode, there’s a heartwarming moment when one of the My Cat From Hell show’s cameramen is captured adopting a cat.

He said he couldn’t help himself after she came and sat in his lap while he was sat in a room, and wouldn’t let him leave.

He said: “This cat chose me!”

My Cat From Hell airs Saturdays at 8/7c on Animal Planet.

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