Dr Pepper Commercials: Watch Les Miles and Brian Bosworth among the cast of hilarious ‘Fansville’ TV spots

Fansville is the newest commercial series from Dr Pepper. Pic credit: Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper has released the latest episode in its Fansville commercial series, offering up the conclusion as to who stole the national championship trophy.

Over the past couple of months, Dr Pepper has released about 11 commercials, telling the story of the residents of Fansville, who are dedicated to the world of football.

But when the national championship trophy goes missing, it is up to the sheriff to determine who the culprit is.

The commercials feature some familiar faces from the football world, including Les Miles, who was the Head Coach of the LSU team up until late 2018. After leaving Louisiana State University, Miles went on to coach at Kansas.

Miles has 11 years experience as a football coach and is known as a compassionate and caring coach, who is always there for his players.

Former NFL star Brian Bosworth is also in the commercial series. Bosworth, who is a former Seattle Seahawks linebacker, only played three seasons in the league, as he was forced to retire after a chronic shoulder injury.

However, he later turned to film and has an impressive resume in the movie industry, including a role in football movie The Longest Yard from 2005.

If you thought that the doctor in the commercial spot, “Blindsided,” looked familiar, it’s because it’s Eddie George. George is also an NFL player, who was given Rookie of the Year and the Heisman Trophy throughout his career. He’s best known for playing for the Tennessee Titans. After his retirement, he has focused on building businesses and, now, starring in a Dr Pepper commercial.

We’ve included all of the videos here for you to watch the story of Fansville. Can you guess who the culprit is before the conclusion?

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