Dr Oz reveals 2018 weight loss tips on Today show

Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Mehmet Oz talks new diet study for 2018. Pic credit: TODAY/NBC

Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. OZ Show stopped by the TODAY Show yesterday to talk about a new diet study.

The new study reveals that a low-carb diet may be the best option for sustaining a healthy weight loss.

Essentially, Dr. Oz revealed that the dieting notion that calories in should match calories out isn’t right anymore. This diet goes on the belief that calories you eat should equal the number of calories you burn in a workout for optimal weight loss. However, he says the new study is proving that to be false.

Instead, the low-carb diet may be a better option for maintaining weight loss, as people who eat more on the low-carb diet actually increase their calorie burn.

People who followed the diet also lowered their “hunger hormone” levels, which makes people think they are hungry, causing them to eat more.

An example was provided on The TODAY Show. If you have a chicken burrito, Dr. Oz suggests removing the brown rice and substituting avocado or sour cream. That way, you get fewer carbs into your diet.

He also reveals that with your breakfast, eggs may be better with a piece of cheese than with a bagel. Dr. Oz points out that it’s important that you get your fats into your diet, but that you can only have a small amount throughout the day with every meal. In other words, this isn’t an excuse to increase your fats!

A chart was shown from the British Medical Journal where the study stems from, revealing that the diet should be 20 per cent protein, 20 per cent carbs, and 60 per cent fats.

Dr. Oz explained that he has talked to the man behind the study several times. It was done over the course of 20 days, which is very long in the dieting world. Participants were given real-food options over three weeks to show that it was applicable to real life.

So, why does this diet work over all the other dieting options? Dr. Oz explains that the l0w-carb diet with more fat will make your body feel less under siege. Your body will react differently compared to other diets that may shock your system such as high-fluid diets or no-carb diets.

A private donor gave $12 million to Harvard to study dieting and effective weight loss, which is what provided these new results.

You can catch more of The TODAY Show weekdays at 7/6am on NBC.

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