Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet cuddles cute baby porcupine in Nat Geo WILD preview

Baby Twix is a sucker for applesauce and cuddles, watch this fellow tonight on Nat Geo WILD Pic credit: Nat Geo WILD
Baby Twix is a sucker for applesauce and cuddles. Watch this fellow tonight on Nat Geo WILD Pic credit: Nat Geo WILD

It’s “Snuggle Saturday” for Nat Geo WILD fans tonight, and this is the cutest video you will see today!

The latest clip for Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet shows this unconventional baby animal interaction from the return of the new season of the Nat Geo WILD series that premieres tonight. In the clip, she examines the baby and sees it is healthy as a horse.

Little Twix is a baby porcupine who was orphaned and now the little squeaker has imprinted with humans since his birth.

This little ball of prickles and fur and was examined by Dr. Oakley and her daughters, who got to cuddle the baby. This clip is taken from the premiere episode, titled Blazing Bison, which features Dr. Oakley making friends with Twix, described as the soft little cuddly baby…except for those quills.

Nat Geo WILD writes: “While a porcupine may not be the typical first choice to snuggle up to, this orphaned infant has yet to fully grow his prickly spikes, and is instead covered head to toe in soft fur, which Oakley and her team waste no time indulging in!”

While there are a ton of baby animal videos out there, baby Twix the porcupine might be one you would have apprehensions picking up to play with and love on. But if you have a syringe of yummy applesauce at the ready, Twix will not bite or poke you with his quills.

Dr. Oakley learned that the baby will live out his days at the center, educating visitors, since he has only known human love.

She says: “He’s looking great! You guys have done a great job, super healthy. Twix’s exam went great… his coat is really nice and shiny he’s growing normally and there are no sign of any parasites, no lice. no fleas… nothing.

She notes the time is running out for their visit as tells her daughters it is time to say goodbye to Mr. Twix.

“Unfortunately, we have other work to do so I’m gonna have to pry them out of the girls’ hands but it was great to be able to check him out. This is amazing, getting close with the animal and, you know, forming a bit of a bond with them. That’s important in the whole process of trying to figure out what’s going on with them. It’s not just about the science of veterinary medicine, it’s that I care about these animals and that I want them to feel better.”

What is the series about?

The new season sees Dr. Michelle Oakley continue to make house calls across thousands of miles in these isolated regions of the Yukon in northern Canada and throughout Alaska.

It’s chilly and she is up against weather conditions and places where wild animals are all around. And she’s responding to some of the most unique and challenging cases of her career.  Dr. Oakley works on all species of animals.

Dr. Oakley gets every type of patient: From “moving bears with tractors and horses with helicopters to castrating angry boars and capturing wild bison” she’ll call upon her training and experience to soothe the savage and not-so-savage beasts. Babies too, like little Twix!

Nat Geo WILD says: “Whether wrestling bison, tracking ibex in the mountains, performing surgery on a bear or braving frozen landscapes to return lynx to the wild, Dr. Oakley will do whatever it takes to keep the animals in her charge safe and healthy.”

Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet airs on Saturdays at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD.

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