Dr. Abrams on Chicago Med: Spoilers revealed for next new episode

Chicago Med Cast
Oliver Platt as Dr. Charles and Brennan Brown as Dr. Abrams on Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

Dr. Abrams has been on Chicago Med since the first season, appearing on episodes during each of the five years the show has been on NBC. Actor Brennan Brown has been playing him for that run.

When Chicago Med returned from its winter hiatus on Wednesday night, Dr. Sam Abrams wasn’t in any of the scenes. That’s not an oddity, as the character is a specialist that doesn’t deal with every patient.

Still, the character ended up being one of the most searched members of the Chicago Med cast, especially after what took place in the sneak peek for the next new episode.

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Spoilers about Dr. Abrams on Chicago Med

A significant plane accident takes place at Chicago O’Hare during the next episode of the show. While the staff is dealing with a stream of injured patients as a result of it, they are going to come face-to-face with Dr. Abrams on the table.

The episode is called The Ground Shifts Beneath Us, and it appears that the life of Dr. Abrams hangs in the balance. We will all have to tune in to find out if the doctors at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center can save him.

As for actor Brennan Brown, he has been busy lately, starring in movies and shows other than Chicago Med. That includes finishing his run as Robert Childan on The Man in High Castle.

Brown also appeared in the movie Midway, on the show The Sinner, and a recent episode of Bull. This was all while he continued to play Dr. Abrams on Chicago Med.

In addition to joining the One Chicago group of shows, he also spent a season on Person of Interest, was on eight episodes of Mozart in the Jungle as Edward Biben, and on nine episodes of Beauty and the Beast as Chief Ward.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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