Street Outlaws: Memphis exclusive — Doughboy’s heart-stopping racing accident revisited

The premiere of Street Outlaws: Memphis will cover a lot of ground during the two-hour premiere. Notably, it will address JJ Da Boss’s mysterious background of prison time served and the reasons for it as well as his son Doughboy’s street racing accident, what went down and if he should continue the family business of racing or just bow out.

A genuine kitchen table heart-to-heart with family opens our exclusive clip.

Three generations of the Day family are at the table, led by JJ Da Boss (Jonathan D. Day), Nana Day and Doughboy, the eldest son of JJ Da Boss, who at last count has racked up eleven children and several grandkids already at the age of 45.

But the discussion is a serious one.

Doughboy is at a crossroads and has discussed with his girl Chelsea about staying in or checking out of the street racing aspect of the family business.

This decision is a tough one as he tells his family in the clip he is “broke” and needs to generate some badly needed income.

Doughboy on Street Outlaws: Memphis
Doughboy isn’t sure if he will continue street racing or find another way to make money. Pic credit: Discovery

Dough is contemplative, feels “blessed to be alive” and wants the counsel of his immediate family.

He says, “I’ve been thankin’… I wanted to talk to y’all about … the racing thang.”

What he is referring to is the horrific accident where his car was caught on tape catapulting over and again, as shown in the clip.

Pop JJ Da Boss notes his immediate concern and explains to the viewers his philosophy on Doughboy’s involvement with racing.

He explained, “After his wreck, I told Dough it’s time for you to sit down son and get your mind right and make sure your heart’s right and talk with your family and see if street racing’s really for you ’cause it’s dangerous!”

Indeed, it is dangerous and actually illegal.

Not only does JJ Da Boss have to worry about his kin and loved ones getting killed, but lawsuits are a-flyin’ down South.

The last season finale of Street Outlaws: Memphis saw racer Chad Larkin of Missouri face off with the Day clan.

About seven months after the finale aired, Larkin and his wife, Genny, have slapped a lawsuit on Day, Discovery Inc. and Pilgrim Media Group. The federal lawsuit was filed in Memphis.

Newsweek reported that the suit claimed JJ started the assault while producers did nothing to stop it.

JJ Da Boss talks to Doughboy about street racing on Street Outlaws: Memphis
JJ Da Boss loves street racing but now faces a lawsuit as a result. Pic credit: Discovery

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of gray areas in the series, which is back for a sophomore season. In the clip, JJ notes that now six generations of Days have been street racing, a true family affair.

JJ Da Boss reminds Nana Day that he fell in love with it straight from sitting on her hip, watching his own father and Uncle Wayne compete.

The outcomes are never certain, and the thrill of the bet and the matchup keep the Days motoring on the hidden streets of Memphis where they can get away with these dangerous races.

Street Outlaws: Memphis airs Monday, October 22 at 9/8c on Discovery.

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