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Doug Armstrong from My 600-lb Life today: Huge weight-loss strides, but is he reverting back to old ways?

On tonight’s Where Are They Now? edition of My 600-lb Life, fans get to see just how far Texan Doug Armstrong has come from when he first appeared on the show in Season 5.

This gentle giant measures in at six feet and six inches and had a peak weight of 684-lb — an alarming result of childhood neglect.

In the original episode, we learned that Doug’s mother Julia abandoned him as a young child. But we later learned that she had not left because of Doug, but because of her violent temper and her fear that she would harm him and anyone close to her.

On the original show, Doug was enlightened through therapy to understand the whys of his overeating and learned it was his strained relationship with his mother and troubled younger years that made food his go-to coping tool.

But he persevered and used his family as motivation to get and stay healthy. This progress really helped Doug when he was trying to grasp why his mom split the scene when he was so little.

Married to wife Ashley, Doug’s ballooning weight imprisoned him to a life of immobilization, chronic pain and a certain early death unless there was a major intervention via therapy, surgery, and caloric restrictions.

In Season 5 we saw how Doug resolved to lose weight to be around for his children, but on tonight’s Where Are They Now? episode Ashley sees Doug slipping into old bad eating habits and piling on carbs which are a huge no-no for his ongoing weight loss diet.

The clip above shows Doug making sandwiches and meals as Ashley looks on disapprovingly and tries to reason with him.

Ashley Armstrong, Doug Armstrong
Ashely tries her best to help Doug understand his mistakes in food choices

This father of three young kids is down well over 225-lb so far, but the struggles of looking after energetic children while trying to exercise and stay on his weight-loss track do not help when it comes to carb cravings for the wrong foods.

It’s hard to rewire the brain to look at food differently, and that is what has been asked of him. Doug is trying to please everyone.

Armstrong has made so much progress and continues to delight Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, but Ashley is worried that Doug’s careless carb-laden lunches and meals will derail her husband’s hard work and progress. She is rightly worried, as his choice of calories is crucial to reaching his target weight.

Tonight we will see Dr. Nowzaradan and Ashley try to get him honest about his food choices and bolster his already amazing weight loss efforts with positive encouragement.

Doug Armstrong
Doug reluctantly listens to Ashley about his carbohydrate intake

One thing is for certain, according to TLC: “When Doug clashes with Dr. Nowzaradan regarding his diet plan and begins to miss appointments, his wife Ashley and a therapist try to motivate Doug to find himself and get back on track.”

Will this combination of Doug’s diet mistakes and family stress buckle his willpower? Watch tonight to see if Dr. Nowzaradan gets his message through to Doug or it falls on deaf ears.

My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now airs at 9 pm on TLC

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