Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny recap: Wallflowers not wanted – Step it up or get in the cab!

DJ Pauly D and Vinny on Double Shot at Love
DJ Pauly D and Vinny have to decide who to send home on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, the Jersey Shore bachelors gave their girls a taste of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk.

While it should have been a fun time for everyone, we got to see a bit of jealousy break out when Pauly made a connection with one of the girls, while another just couldn’t stand to see him enjoy the moment.

During the Jersey Shore Boardwalk outing, DJ Pauly D took Suzi on the Ferris Wheel and the two ended up having a very steamy makeout session. Don’t forget, Suzi is the girl that we predicted Pauly would end up with and it looks like their chemistry is on point. He even mentioned that she is the “female version” of him and that he was definitely feeling her.

That didn’t sit well with Nikki, who freaked out watching Pauly put his lips on another girl. She even started to consider going home but Pauly managed to talk her out of it.

The following day, Pauly and Vinny’s old boss Danny showed up with a California version of The Shore Store. It was there that the girls played a game where they had to guess which t-shirt belonged to which girl. Each of the shirts had some potentially embarrassing information printed on it and once the owner was identified, she had to wear the shirt.

Let it be known that Elle is the one who wore the “dated six guys at once shirt.” Hopefully, that won’t dissuade Vinny from picking her because that’s who we predicted that he would end up with.

Other shirts gave away secrets like “has hairy toes” and “bites toenails” as well as other various relationship faux pas.

After putting the girls’ secrets on blast, it was time for Pauly and Vinny to open up a bit too. They gave their suitors a chance to ask them anything they wanted and the Jersey Shore bachelors vowed to answer honestly.

It seemed that the biggest questions anyone had for Pauly and Vinny are whether they have cheated before. Do they really think this is where two of the biggest bachelors in the history of reality TV will be finding their one true love? We know they keep saying that but to be completely honest, it will be totally disappointing if Double Shot at Love doesn’t get a Season 2 and in order for that to happen, whoever gets picked needs to not be “the one”.

DJ Pauly D denied ever cheating on any of his girlfriends. He said that while he’s been cheated on, he’s not a cheater. He also said he’s been in love “one and a half times”. He said the first girl was real love and that they loved each other. However, the second time around, he admitted that he was in love but doesn’t think that she was. Was he talking about Aubrey? We’ll never know.

When it came to Vinny, he admitted to cheating on a few of his girlfriends. Considering his body count (he recently admitted to sleeping with at least 500 women), that’s not a total shocker.

As far as how many times Vinny has been in love, he admitted to one. He said that he has been in love once and the other time was more of a lust situation and it was drama.

In the end, Pauly and Vinny had a huge decision to make since the number of girls in the house is starting to get smaller and smaller.

When it came down to who goes home, they decided to send Victoria home because she just wasn’t stepping up or standing out despite both Jersey Shore bachelors’ interest in her. At one point in the barber shop, Pauly even questioned if Victoria talks. She’s very quiet, which is a huge contrast to many of the others fighting for the Jersey Shore bachelors’ hearts.

Apparently, they want at least a little bit of conversation though because even Holly, who chews her toes and regularly sticks her whole foot in her mouth, was allowed to stay this week.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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