Double Shot At Love Season 1, episode 7 recap: Angelina Pivarnick puts the girls to the test

Angelina Pivarnick shows up on Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny
Angelina Pivarnick makes all the girls squirm on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: MTV

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny has been a roller coaster ride as the Jersey Shore bachelors continue looking for love and breaking hearts.

On this episode of the MTV hit, Angelina Pivarnick shows up to the mansion so she can get a good look at the ladies who are left and decide who she might and might not want to be a part of her tight-knit family.

Prior to Angelina’s arrival, there’s plenty of drama in the house but that’s nothing compared to what Angelina can bring.

Even Pauly questions whether some of the ladies competing for their hearts will be able to deal with their Jersey Shore castmate or if they’ll be intimidated by her.

Angelina makes it clear that her mission is to figure out who is really there for love and who is there for a come up. She also says she wants to make sure which ones can perform under pressure.

It’s about to go down on Double Shot at Love.

Nikki vs. the rest of the house

The house is still divided and by that we mean that Nikki is still at odds with literally everyone else. The shade is strong as Nikki takes aim at Suzy’s laugh and everyone else takes aim at Nikki’s attitude.

Angelina Pivarnick the EMT

When Angelina Pivarnick makes her grand entrance, she does it in an ambulance. DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino call the girls down for the “emergency” and then Angelina climbed out.

Of course, her arrival means it’s time for a competition and this one is a team adventure. Everyone has to couple up with a partner and get tied together in order to assemble a mannequin.

Maria is the only one who doesn’t get picked to play and while that normally is a bad thing, in this case, it means she’s automatically a part of the winning team.

The pairs pranced through the house together in search of pieces for their mannequin as they pieced it together as fast as they could.

Ultimately, Nikki and Brittnay were able to get their mannequin built the fastest and they won the date.

They picked Pauly, which makes sense because Nikki already thinks she won him over. However, this date will consist of both of them plus Maria so it’s not exactly a private night together.

Angelina takes aim at Mish

When Angelina starts getting to know the girls in the house, she asks them all to make a toast. She’s taken aback to learn that Nikki doesn’t drink even though she offers to toast with her pineapple juice instead.

Angelina gets a little pushy about the drinking thing, suggesting that Nikki should suck it up and suck one down but then Mish steps in to defend her. That puts Angelina off and she ends up lashing out at her instead.

With a warning to mind her own business, Angelina takes aim at Mish and even tells her that taking up for Nikki could cost her a spot in the house.

Then she gets real catty, telling Mish she doesn’t even want her in the family. Of course, that sends Mish over the edge and Vinny later finds her crying about the confrontation.

Then, Pauly and Vinny step out of the room while Angelina grills the girls and they, in turn, ask her questions about the Jersey Shore bachelors.

Of course, Nikki made it all about her when asked who in the house they are crushing on. She took shots at the other girls for not liking her while talking up her connection with Pauly.

That wasn’t going to fly, though, and Suzi spoke up, calling Nikki shady. That turned into a screaming match between the two and it looked like it could come to blows at any moment.

Ultimately, the fight drew Pauly and Vinny back to the room because they decided it was finally time to shut the drama down. With them in the room, Holly went off, asking if Pauly really wants to be with a girl who is disliked so much by literally everyone else.

After Angelina Pivarnick heads out to catch a flight, Pauly and Vinny sit down with the girls to see what is really going on. While Nikki is always up to her neck in drama, it didn’t seem to matter to Pauly and Vinny, who just wanted everyone to get along.

Time for the date

When it’s finally time for the group date with Pauly, it turns out that the rest of the house will be cooking brunch for Pauly, Nikki, Brittnay, and Maria. Naturally, the topic of conversation at the table is drama with both Maria and Brittnay agreeing that they just prefer to avoid it.

Maria finally opens up to Pauly, admitting that she does have walls up and that it all boils down to watching her mother with men and not wanting to get hurt in the same way.

Who went home on Double Shot at Love?

After the group date, it’s time for Pauly and Vinny to discuss who goes home. Pauly tells Vinny how Maria finally opened up and while everyone was glad that she did, Vinny was a little upset that it wasn’t with him.

After all, that was the one girl who Vinny really liked.

It all came down to Mish and Maria, two girls that Vinny really liked. And it’s probably a good thing that Maria finally opened up too because, in the end, it was Mish who got her cab ride home.

She probably wishes she hadn’t sparred with Angelina earlier because as she predicted, sticking up for Nikki cost her a spot.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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