Double Shot at Love recap: The votes are in and the ladies hate Nikki, love Vinny and things are getting tense!

Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio debate on Double Shot at Love
Vinny and Pauly D face off for a presidential debate as they compete for a one-on-one date. Pic credit: MTV

The number of girls is dwindling and the competition is heating up with the latest episode of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny.

In the upcoming episode, it’s clear that many are getting emotional and even Pauly and Vinny are in heavy competition in an effort to get some one-on-one time.

This week, Pauly and Vinny will take part in a presidential debate in order to win a one on one date with the girl of their choice. Pauly has been winning dates week after week. Could this be Vinny’s shot at a date night?

‘I’m gonna debate a chooch!’

Pauly sounds pretty confident as he gets ready for debate night. Dressed in a suit, tie and one of the thickest gold chains he owns, the slick-haired Jersey Shore bachelor is ready to go.

“I’m gonna debate a chooch!” he sings as he makes his way to the debate room. In case you’re wondering what a chooch is, we’ve covered that before when there was a run in on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. You can read about it here.

Pauly does his best to win everyone’s heart by talking about how much he loves his mom and his daughter. Then, he talks about how smart he is, having been on the honor roll and the school newspaper.

Vinny countered that his love for his mom that is no secret to anyone who watches Jersey Shore or Jersey Shore Family Vacation. He even points out the fact that he bought a house which he shares with his family and even lets his mother have the entire house except for the basement where he lives.

Both of the Jersey Shore bachelors melted hearts with their closing statements and the debate winner is anyone’s call. Still, when the ladies voted for the winner, hands down, Vinny Guadagnino won the vote and the one-on-one date in the presidential suite.

Date night with Vinny

Everyone was antsy to get a date with Vinny, knowing that time in the house is limited and dates help keep them in the house. Vinny ended up choosing Elle for his date night and if you recall, she’s the one we chose as one of the winners, specifically for him.

Pauly still got a date of sorts. He got to jump in the vice presidential hot tub with the eleven remaining ladies while Vinny spent some quality time with Elle.

As the ladies party with Pauly, it’s clear that Nikki is still feeling some kind of way after being told to chill out last week. Now she’s shut down so much that Pauly has certainly noticed.

He doesn’t react though since there are 10 other ladies who are more than happy to take her place.

Back to Vinny and Elle who make the absolute cutest couple. The timing of this date night win is perfect too since she was a political science major and it’s an interest that they both have in common.

Snuggles turn into a makeout session and we really could see these two hitting it off. As things really start to heat up and Elle hops up on the desk for more making out, Vinny decides its time to get outside with Pauly and the rest of the group.

What was he thinking? Elle was the perfect intern!

Did Vinny get cold feet? Things were really heating up in that presidential suite!

The hot tub party turned to a pool party and things were getting wild except for Nikki, who has started brooding over Pauly because watching him with the other ladies really bothers her.

She seems to want Pauly to continue chasing after her but doesn’t realize that there are 10 other women having a great time with him and she’s the only one acting miserable.

Another vote puts the ladies at odds

Pauly announces that there’s another vote coming but this time, the ladies will be voting for each other. Keeping in the same miserable mood, Nikki says in the confessional that she knows her competition is coming for her.

Maybe they wouldn’t be if she would stop acting as if Pauly owes her something.

When it came down to the ladies voting for each other, it was all about superlatives. Pauly and Vinny threw a word out and the ladies would vote on which one it most represents.

Who has the best smile went to Alysse even though Holly was hoping it would be her. Zuljeily won most gullible and Brittnay got the award for most likely to be wifey material.

Then, when it came to the most likely to be jealous, Nikki won fair and square. Of course, she didn’t see it that way! Pauly said the vote for Nikki was almost unanimous.

Most likely to be the thirstiest was also Nikki, proving that the ladies really just don’t like her. She went off, calling out the girls who “don’t like” her but they countered, calling her out for being so nasty to everyone.

Even though Nikki was voted the “winner” of the two worst categories, she also won a double date with Pauly and Vinny.

The Jersey Shore bachelors made it clear that they want to figure out if she really is that bad or if the other ladies are just ganging upon her. In tears, Nikki accepted the invite.

Double date disaster?

After the vote, Nikki was devastated as both Mish and B-Lashes tried to calm her down. When asked why she was so upset, she said it was because she ruined her makeup.

How amazing are they for helping her fix her makeup for the date?

While out to eat with Pauly and Vinny, she continued talking about the other girls and how they just don’t like her.

Then, when Pauly asked her why she was acting funny the day before, she said that since he asked her to take it down a notch, she just turned it all the way off.

Nikki then pulled at the Jersey Shore bachelors’ heartstrings with a sad story about her parents splitting up. Pauly seemed to feel bad for her but Vinny saw right through it and he said that Pauly needed to be careful.

Time to call a cab!

Pauly and Vinny have to send someone home and as the weeks go on, it becomes harder and harder for them. While many are hoping it will be Nikki, that clearly isn’t going to happen.

In fact, Pauly and Vinny talk about Derynn and Marissa as possible candidates because of how mean they were to Nikki.

When calling the ladies down to eliminate one of them, Nikki was called down by herself. She was afraid she would go home but Pauly called her “extra special” and she agreed to stick around.

That’s going to break some hearts as many of the ladies were hoping she’d go home. Of course, that would bring the drama way down and we can’t have that, can we?

When it came down to it, DJ Pauly D and Vinny decided it was time to send Zujeily packing. She just wasn’t doing it for either one of them and they had to pick someone.

In tears, she questioned whether they wanted a “crazy girl or a girl who was there for drama” as her cab drove off.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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