Don’t Be Tardy: The Biermanns get a PIGLET

Brielle arrives with the new piglet called Chester on this week's Don't Be Tardy
Brielle arrives with the teacup piglet called Chester on this week’s Don’t Be Tardy

On this week’s Don’t Be Tardy, the Biermanns get a miniature teacup PIGLET after Brielle gets given it as a present.

Kim is left literally squealing in a mixture of joy and fear as the little snout-bearing beast called Chester is left to run havoc around the house.

It’s all about babies this episode as Kim, who wants another child, and Kroy have to decide what to do with her eggs.

And her mothering instincts go into overload when the family join Tracey at the Atlanta Humane Society and meet totally adorable puppies.

Kroy is pretty much the only one who doesn’t want to take one home. Kim initially also says there’s no chance of adopting a dog on their visit, but she’s quickly put in her place by the kids who say there’s a 110 per cent chance that they will.

Some advice for the family: Compared to a piglet, a puppy might definitely be the easier option!

Then there’s the real baby to talk about, as Kim and Kroy visit the clinic to talk about their options.

When the doctor asks if she’s had any recent medical problems, he grimaces after she tells him she had a stroke in October.

Watch a clip from this week’s Don’t Be Tardy below.

Don’t Be Tardy airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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