Don Lemon hosts Wendy Williams: Why is she not on her show?

Wendy Williams hosting her show
Wendy Williams didn’t return to her show as anticipated. Pic credit: FOX

Wendy Williams has hosted her show for a decade now, and is known for ruffling feathers.

So when she didn’t show up for work on yesterday’s show, viewers were wondering what happened to her. New episodes haven’t aired in several weeks, with repeats running since December 24, 2018.

Then, for the show’s first new episode of 2019, Don Lemon stepped out on to the stage to fill in for Williams.

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Williams is known for saying what she thinks, and viewers were eagerly waiting for her list of hot topics and to see what tea would be dropped — but where was she?

Where is Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams fractured her shoulder and is said to need to recover and be pain free before she returns to the show.

Details surrounding how she hurt herself or what happened have not been made public yet. Williams will likely discuss it when she returns, which is something viewers will be heavily anticipating.

The show was supposed to return with Wendy Williams at the helm on January 14. Unfortunately, she wasn’t ready, so her return was delayed another week, with Don Lemon coming out in her place.

Why is Wendy gone?

Aside from her shoulder injury, Wendy Williams has been making headlines because of her marriage. There are rumblings that she is divorcing her husband of over 20 years due to alleged infidelity. While both have denied that is the case, viewers aren’t sure that her shoulder is the only thing preventing her from returning to live television.

It is unclear what the truth is, but Wendy Williams isn’t one to keep quiet for too long. Viewers anticipate that she will drop some tea when she returns next week.

For a last minute change on a live show, Don Lemon didn’t do too bad. He helped out where he was needed and didn’t get too much flack on social media when he was spotted in the daytime lineup.

Wendy Williams is scheduled to return to her show on Monday, January 21, 2019.

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