Dominik García-Lorido on Mr Robot: Who is actress playing Olivia Cortez?

Dominik García-Lorido on Mr Robot
Dominik García-Lorido appeared on Mr. Robot. Pic credit: Parade Deck Films

This week on Mr. Robot, Elliot developed a human connection with a woman named Olivia Cortez — a very rare occurrence for the man.

For anyone who thought that Olivia looked familiar, that is because she is a second-generation acting talent and her father is a very famous actor.

Here is a look at Olivia Cortez on Mr. Robot and the woman who portrayed her.

Olivia Cortez on Mr. Robot

Elliot set out to get information on Whiterose and he learned about a bank employee who is Susan Jacob’s contact at Cyprus National Bank, managing the U.S. accounts for Whiterose and her fronts unknowingly.

Elliott breaks into Olivia’s home to get the information from her computer but learns he needs a security fob she keeps on herself at all times.

As a result, Elliot decides to steal OcyContin from her apartment and blackmail her, threatening to report her to the police and ruin her custody agreement for her child.

Thankfully, Mr. Robot steps in and takes over Elliot to stop him.

See, Olivia had a tough life and became an addict, considering suicide at one point. This could have finally ended her. But, instead, Mr. Robot created a human connection and Olivia and Elliot had a one night stand.

Elliot got the information he needed when she fell asleep, but he also connected with another human on a personal level — a triumph for his redemption story.

Dominik García-Lorido on Mr. Robot

Olivia Cortez on Mr. Robot is portrayed by Dominik Garcia-Lorido.

The first part of her last name tells the story, as she is the daughter of actor Andy Garcia.

Garcia made his name in old-school gangster movies, with roles in The Godfather Part III, The Untouchables, Internal Affairs, and Ocean’s Eleven. He also recently had prominent roles in the 2016 Ghostbusters as the mayor and the 2018 Clint Eastwood movie, The Mule.

As for Dominik Garcia-Lorido, she got her break in The Lost City in 2005, a movie directed by her dad (she also had small roles in a 1995 movie at the age of 12 and again in a small film in 2004).

She also appeared in the 2009 movie City Island, with her dad playing her on-screen father as well and later the 2015 Jason Statham action movie, Wild Card.

The final season of Mr. Robot airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST on USA Network.

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