Does Ubbe die in Vikings?

Vikings does Ubbe die
Ubbe fights to the death in Vikings. Pic credit: History

In Vikings Season 5 episode 19, Ubbe goes through with the one-on-one combat challenge against one of the Danish kings to avoid another battle in East Anglia. The close and bloody fight had many viewers wondering if Ubbe will die. 

In a fight to the death, Ubbe digs deep and instinctively invokes his Viking god Odin and father Ragnar for strength rather than the Christian faith he had been baptized in. 

Ubbe wins the closely contested battle, adding to his fame as one of the sons of Ragnar. While recouping from his wounds, Ubbe tells Torvi that the Christian faith means nothing to him. It is unclear how his return to his Viking faith will affect his relationship with his new Danish neighbors.

In the season finale of Vikings Season 5, Ivar goes to war with his brothers Bjorn Ironside and Hvitserk in Kattegat.  

The preview for the finale does not reveals what’s next for Floki as he seemingly discovers a Christian landmark in Iceland before a volcanic eruption threatens his life. Floki believed up to that point that he and his fellow Vikings were the first settlers in Iceland only to discover Christians have made their mark before him. 

Ragnar’s conversion to Christianity and affection for Athelstan was a point of contention with Floki so his emotional outburst was expected. 

Ubbe recovers from his wounds and settles in East Anglia, while Lagertha tags along. With 3,000 Danish settlers farming the land, it appears that the settlement will be a success. We will have to tune into the Vikings Season 5 finale Ragnorok to find out what is next for Ubbe.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 20 will air on History on January 30 and on Amazon Prime on January 31.

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