Does Ryan Seacrest deserve all the criticism ahead of his debut? Wheel of Fortune watchers sound off

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Is Ryan deserving of the disapproval Wheel watchers have expressed? Pic credit: © Gatchalian/StarMaxWorldwide

Ryan Seacrest faced harsh criticism after announcing that he was taking over as the host of Wheel of Fortune, but does he deserve all the online hate?

This year, Pat Sajak hung up his hat as the host of Wheel of Fortune after more than 40 decades in the position.

Pat became a staple on weeknight television, earning himself respect from his adoring fans for 41 seasons alongside Vanna White.

But the 77-year-old game show host decided it was time to focus on other things at this stage in his life, and officially retired in June 2024.

Since Pat’s retirement, Ryan has been preparing to host Wheel of Fortune and filmed some of his Season 42 episodes with Vanna.

Many Wheel watchers were disheartened to hear of Pat’s retirement and expressed outrage that Ryan was chosen as his permanent fill-in despite Ryan’s experience hosting television shows.

While some of Ryan’s critics have even refused to watch Wheel of Fortune when he debuts in September, his supporters think the flack he’s received is unfair.

Wheel of Fortune viewers discuss the online criticism Ryan Seacrest has faced in recent months

On Reddit, Wheel watchers debated whether the criticism aimed at Ryan was unwarranted in a thread titled “Ryan Seacrest doesn’t deserve all the hate.”

The Redditor who created the post wrote, “Ever since it was announced this time last year that Ryan Seacrest would be taking over Wheel, he’s been getting a lot of hate for taking over from Pat Sajak. Personally, I don’t think he deserves it.”

“I think Sony made the safest choice possible considering they were already reeling from the debacle in picking Alex Trebek’s successor 3 years prior following his death from pancreatic cancer. Thoughts on this, Wheel Watchers?” the caption continued.

Fellow Wheel watchers chimed in, and, as it turns out, many agreed that Ryan doesn’t deserve the hatred being spewed at him.

One Redditor agreed with the post, adding, “Give the man a chance to do his job. It’s not his fault Pat was there forever.”

“Exactly! His episodes haven’t been shown yet! Let Ryan do his job,” voiced u/MikeMadness620

redditors comment on ryan seacrest joining wheel of fortune
Wheel of Fortune fans discussed Ryan’s criticism. Pic credit: u/MikeMadness620/Reddit

Another one of Ryan’s fans credited him with knowing how to “walk the fine line between respecting those who came before him while keeping the show alive and moving forward.”

“When it comes down to the actual execution of the hosting duties, I feel good that I’ll still be able to enjoy the Wheel,” the comment continued.

Despite the support Ryan received, some continued to gripe about him being hired by Sony Pictures Television.

“I don’t hate Ryan Seacrest. I just think picking him for host is a total snooze and I’m not enthused to watch the show,” wrote another Wheel watcher.

One Wheel of Fortune fan admitted they have struggles with change and assured the others they’d be “fine” once they saw Ryan in his new role.

Another Redditor added that Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, would have been a smart choice because “Something just feels better when it’s somebody connected with the show.”

Ryan will cash in big time on Wheel of Fortune

Love or hate him, Ryan is ready to show Wheel of Fortune fans what he’s got. He brings plenty of experience and comfort in front of the camera, and his camaraderie on stage with Vanna White looks genuine, despite reports that Ryan and Vanna have been at each other’s throats.

Ryan is likely unbothered by all of the negative chit-chat online and probably laughing all the way to the bank—that’s because he will reportedly rake in an astonishing $28 million per year as the new host of Wheel of Fortune.

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1 day ago

I’m gonna miss Sajak..but Ryan Sescrest will TOTALLY AWESOME!! HES THE ULTIMATE PRO!!

Don Judd
Don Judd
23 hours ago

Why is Sony pictures paying three times as much compared to Pat retiring?
That is what’s wrong in society today. They should of started with a whole new crew. The money they offer Ryan should of been offered to Vanna White to retire at the same time as Pat.
Sony took a good show and turned it into a divided hateful results game show. It will never be the same and I hope that Sony pictures will cancel Ryan’s contract.

John Burkholder
John Burkholder
8 hours ago

In what universe is one person worth 28 mil for hosting a game show. Vanna should tell the suits to f off

1 hour ago

Will not be watching Ryan Seacrest on the”new” Wheel of Fortune. Do not care for him at all – just too stuck on himself & so silly!!