Does Miguel die in Cobra Kai? What does end of Season 2 mean for future of Johnny?

Does Miguel die in Cobra Kai
Johnny and his top student Miguel in Cobra Kai. Pic credit: YouTube

There was a huge twist at the end of the second season of Cobra Kai that brought things back around, full circle. The original protagonist from the start of season 1, Miguel, became the antagonist by the end of the season and had a redemptive arc in season 2.

However, the final episode of season 2 saw a tragic twist that changes everything about Cobra Kai as it heads to its eventual third season.

Spoilers follow for Cobra Kai season 2.

The Road to Redemption for Miguel

Miguel is the Daniel LaRusso character for the Cobra Kai YouTube Premium series, with a twist. In season 1, he was the bullied kid who was taught to stand up for himself.

However, he went to Johnny and Cobra Kai to learn to stand up to the bullies.

This brought him into direct conflict with Daniel, who can’t see Cobra Kai as anything but evil, and started his own dojo up again to combat it.

By the end of season 1, Miguel let his bitterness get the best of him and fought dirty to win, something Daniel saw coming but Johnny was trying to avoid.

In season 2, the rivalry between Miguel and Daniel’s top student Robby intensifies when a love triangle forms between them and Sam — Daniel’s daughter.

By the final episode, a fight broke out between Sam and a girl named Tory and Robby showed up to stop the fight. Miguel showed up and saw that Robby was restraining Sam and thought she needed to be saved.

Miguel and Robby fought and Miguel, once again, won and took down Robby. However, Miguel remembered the teachings of Johnny and let go, saying he was sorry.

When Miguel stood up, Robby attacked him from behind and kicked him over the railings to the bottom level, where Miguel landed back first over a stairway rail.

Did Miguel die on Cobra Kai?

The good news for fans is that Miguel did not die on Cobra Kai.

However, the chances of him ever walking again is slim. He clearly hit hard and suffered major spinal injuries due to the fall and will have a long, hard road ahead of him.

This will likely have huge ramifications for Robby and Sam in Cobra Kai Season 3.

Daniel remains narrow-minded and wants to blame Cobra Kai for everything and his wife finally told him there will be no more karate — or else.

There was also the fan favorite moment in the end when a Facebook friend request arrived for Johnny from Ali Mills Schwarber, Johnny and Daniel’s former girlfriend from Karate Kid portrayed by Elisabeth Shue.

Her arrival in Cobra Kai Season 3 should bring everything full circle and complete Johnny’s redemptive arc that started in the first season of the show.

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