Does Lani die on Days of our Lives: Is she leaving the show? [SPOILERS]

Lani on Days of our Lives
Lani in premature labor on Days of our Lives: But will she die or survive?

This week Lani (Sal Stowers) went into premature labor on Days of our Lives and fans are in an uproar over the tragic circumstance. Viewers’ anxiety is high that Lani will not survive the ordeal, so what’s the real story?

First, a bit of background on what’s causing the enormous fan response, mostly backlash, on social media. Soaps almost never portray the death of a child, due to historically bitter viewer upset and vociferous complaints. Nonetheless DOOL has chosen to go there and the fan base is not pleased.

Will Lani die? We know that after Dr. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) begins the emergency procedure Lani flatlines and the fear for life is real.

DOOL deserves credit for the bittersweet, tear-jerking fantasy sequence that shows Lani reveling in a beautiful dream life with her precious baby, while the doctors fight to save her life. The scene is incredibly striking, setting us up for an epic emotional fall: Lani’s baby does not survive.

There is no indication that Lani dies in this controversial plot, in fact spoilers reveal that her tragedy has horrible consequences for Lani, her friends and family.

This unsettling but true-to-life and realistically portrayed story results in superlative, dramatic plot twists throughout the summer and beyond. Stay tuned fans, if what we have seen so far is any indication you are sure to see some award winning acting and writing in the coming days and weeks.

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